Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beauty of Exploring

One thing I love and admire about my children is their adventurous spirit and willingness to make anything new into some sort of enjoyable outing and adventure. They are so good at finding, making and enjoying fun wherever they go!

I love that they have not outgrown hunting for nature goodies, driving down long roads to see a covered bridge or walking through stone stairways and sidewalks and enjoying the beauty of nature around us.

I love that they bring me leaves knowing I will find them beautiful, we point out butterflies to each other and how the clouds are fluffy in the sky. We see birds hopping and know each of us will rejoice together at the delight of that sight. Oh, the simple pleasures of being outside and sharing those joys with each other.

There is beauty and simplicity in adventuring together - I'm so grateful for these kind of memories to treasure!


becka said...

I recognize where you were! We have a lovely downtown area. :)

domenica.60 said...

Wonderful !Big nature in America !

Mom said...

Yes, your children are very good at finding, making, and enjoying fun anywhere! :)

(Where are these photos taken? It's beautiful!)

Tina Leigh said...

This place reminds me of some place my mama took me to in North Georgia. That tree is amazing, is it not?! I think your children are "content". I don't see that often in children anymore. It's what our society has done to them. So glad you & your husband went down a different path with your children and have allowed us to be encouraged by it.

Elise said...

LOVE the pictures! The tree roots are so neat and so beautiful! Oh, my children bring me acorns.