Friday, May 06, 2016

Picnic Season

A thrifted sheet and flowers from a friend's garden - these are all the invitation I need for one of my very favorite things: a picnic!

The beauty in eating outside gets me every time, food tastes better, the light is amazing, the fresh air is calming, it is slow and peaceful.

The sheet is wrinkled just like we are after the bumps of the day, but the act of spreading a table cloth and setting out a jar of flowers is smoothing and soothing. Packing up our ordinary dinner in little take out boxes is not time consuming but energizing for me and before we even leave to head to a nearby park - I am nearly giddy at the thought of a picnic, a meal of beauty laid before us.

I have posted many many picnic photos over the years and I will keep them coming. For many, summer is picnic season though it is not as enjoyable to have a picnic here in the summer {too hot!} the rest of the year is an open canvas for al fresco dining and I love to take advantage as often as possible.

It is a picture of the beauty of slowing down - taking time to savor our meal and the people around our table rather than just gulping down whatever is quick and easy and hurrying on to the next thing.

Food is such a ministry of beauty and the table an altar of offering ourselves in service to those gathered around and in gratefulness for what we have generously been given.

Cheese Muffins and BBQ Chicken Salad with PW Grilled Chicken.

Thank You, Lord, for the beauty of sharing a meal together and enjoying the wonder of Your creation!


domenica.60 said...

What a "beautiful slow" picnic !
Your words are just what I think ... every day is a Gift that we must cultivate with love and gratitude .

Shelby said...

Love the picnic. I can smell the peonies as they are my favorite. The food looks delicious and I love your attention to detail "yum" love you friend, thanks for the inspiration as always:)

Mom said...

You do beautiful picnics! :)

Unknown said...

Love it! Thankyou for sharing the beauty! Christina