Monday, May 09, 2016

Fixer Upper Birthday Trip!

In thinking about my 40th Birthday coming up, I hatched a fun trip idea and a few weeks ago it became a reality! So much fun!!!

My mom, sister, two girlfriends and I all met up in Waco, Texas - Fixer Upper fans unite! We found a house that had been featured on the show that was available for rent - go watch Season 2 Episode 9 Mid-Century Modern! Of course, we had to watch this episode while in the house so we could pause it and look around to see everything!

Today, I'll show you around the house!

It was a treat to get to meet Jill and her sweet "little sparrow" {as she calls her!} and ask all sorts of questions about the show, their family and more!


Leanne said...

that looks like so much fun!!! how did you find out about renting that house?? did you go to the Silos? can't wait for all the details!!

*carrie* said...

Lots of fun memories, and a super-cool place to stay!

Mom said...

Yes, this was so much fun - we made great new memories to treasure!! :)

Heather said...

WHAT FUN!!!! Soooo glad you were able to make that trip happen!!

I am real life friends with the commenter above, Leanne. I think her and I would LOVE to do a trip like that together!! :) Right, Leanne??!!

Also... so enjoyed your post about the picnic! I must try to find the lids for the jars and the take out boxes!! You make such a point in creating beauty in the everyday and I admire that very much. :)

Leanne said...

that is so true, Heather! I was TOTALLY thinking of you when I read this post...and now day 2 really makes me want to go!! I'll write Monica and get some details!!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that house episode. Do the owners not live there anymore? I can't imagine having the Gaines fix up my house and then not living there.

What a super fun trip. So cool.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Lisa: They DO live there! They just move out when guests rent the house! It is turning into a big demand though so they are looking for a different house so they can rent this one full time.