Thursday, May 19, 2016

Farm Picnic

Look at this amazing group of beauty and love that came together on the evening of my 40th birthday to celebrate!

This event was held at a dear friends farm and she and her husband went above and beyond to help and serve in every way. We had just finished setting up outside when it rained very unexpectedly - so there was a mad dash to move everything shortly before our guests arrived!

This sweet friend opened her home unexpectedly and graciously to almost 40 women - a true gift!

First, here are a few photos I snapped before or just as it started raining! I'm grateful to have these few that capture the vision I had planned so hard for and looked forward to implementing!

Our car was loaded to the gills! The white cabinet below was rescued by Farmer Don from the DUMP! I mean who would throw that away?! I wanted to incorporate books and book pages as this was also a celebration for the completion of my book!

I had so much fun making mini book covers with thrifted book pages inside to hang from the jars for our milk and cookie dessert bar!

Quilts were spread in the hay field - some quilts that I'd made - all with a jar of flowers from my yard in the middle!

I borrowed this great chair for a photo booth option! There was a basket nearby with bookish glasses, a vintage book, apple and my old typewriter - all book/writing themed items! The little wagon was also a dump find that we used and the beautiful blue flowers were from the farm.

During the rain dash - the quilt ended up in a black trash bag that I had slipped over the chair in a rush. The next day when I couldn't find the quilt my heart sank as I realized where it was. After a little panic and a few tears, it was rescued as Susan saved the day again and dug through the trash. It is now happily back at home.

Another friend from church made these amazing canning jar cookies!!! Aren't they a dream!?

There was a fair amount of wiping my eyes - so many emotions to take in.

Guests were welcome to bring their own dinner or purchase a box dinner - these little take out boxes turned out so cute! I ran old book pages through our printer and made these little name tags! Dinner was chicken salad sandwiches, carrot sticks, hummus and kettle chips. All the food {except the carrots} was from Costco! Hooray for a dear friend who did all the food shopping for me when my brain was mush. The takeout boxes and wax paper bags were from Amazon!

Coffee bar was a hit with the cool rainy weather! And, we had my favorite to go with cookies: white and chocolate milk! My dear friend, Melissa, made tea cookies and brownies! My fave!!!

I drew a coloring page to share at the party - and I'm posting it here too so you can join the fun! I drew it with a blue pen {I guess that was what I had handy?} but suggest printing in black/white. I'd love to see your pages if you color it!

View from the screened in porch:

Here is my sweet friend Susan in her home after hosting last minute indoors!

I will tell on myself - I was crushed to move this indoors. I dreamed of glowly evening light and sunset and all the dreamy photos we'd take. I just love being outside and having picnics too. But I'm also very thankful that God has blessed me with such a sweet and incredible community and for the gift of 40 years of life and seeing the completion of the book He laid on my heart. Looking at these pictures and seeing all the smiles just reminds me that my friends were served {a prayer of my heart} and we celebrated and I am loved.

This double rainbow is icing on the cake - a reminder of God's promise to us. I am grateful.


Unknown said...

Oh wow! So beautiful! Everything is beautiful,I love the style,it's mine too,all the prettiness... but most of all,you have a loving community of friends who care about you,and support you. This is the priceless gift. Thankyou for sharing your life.

Lisa M. said...

Looks like a lovely day. I turned 40 earlier this year. What a great way to celebrate this milestone. If I was closer, I would have loved to of attended.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

You are so blessed to have so many beautiful friends to celebrate with. I guess you had to face the rain to be gifted with the rainbow. Happy birthday to you. My 40's are coming to a close and in January I'll shut the door on them forever. This has been an amazing decade for me. I hope it is the same for you. xo

~ Wendy

*carrie* said...

Glad to see photos. Know it was a roller-coaster, but thankful it was still a special celebration. Lots of beautiful details. Love you!

angie said...

Well, you always have loved gray, rainy days. Your initial set-up on the farm with the lake as a backdrop is beautiful, but the photos from inside the farmhouse look equally cozy. If I didn't know better, I'd think that it was supposed to take place there. Quilt on the long dining table, milk jars lined up on the distressed cabinets. The hostess is a wonderful friend to accomodate your party, and she is a kindred spirit in her love of beauty.
So, did the rescued white cabinet come home with you or does it have a place of honor at the farm?
I loved the special touch of mini books on the mason jars! Speaking of books, there is one coming your way this week. :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Super sweet perfect day to me.

Shelby said...

Oh friend that looks like one fantastic party. Oh how I wish I could have attended. Maybe one day:) Love all of the thrifty details and how the Lord worked out last minute rain issues and it was still just as pretty. xoxoxo

Flannel Jammies Farm said...

Even with the rain and the move inside, what a glorious gathering and a beautiful way to celebrate God's gifts!

Unknown said...

Oh, Monica. The photo of you wiping tears brought tears to my own eyes. I so wish I could've been there. (But how fun to see other ladies in the photos that I now "know"!)

And the inside of that home...I love the little glimpses of it. LOVELY!

Elise said...

Inside, or out, it all looks so lovely!!! Hated that I had to miss it! All the details are just so beautiful!!!