Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Another Slow Picnic!

These photos are so similar to earlier yesterday that I almost didn't post them - but then I realized that I wanted to post them because they are so similar. To make a memory or create beauty, you don't need to come up with something new or different every single time!

I love to simply make use of what I have on hand - recently, it has been an abundance of mini books tied onto canning jars and the bountiful blooms on my hydrangea bushes. So what if it looks the same as a picnic we had on Mother's Day? And my Farm Picnic?!

When my Mom comes, I love to do a slow breakfast our first morning together and this was another opportunity for us to continue the tradition! PW French Breakfast Puffs, scrambled eggs and sliced fruit were a quick and easy meal to serve on our screened porch.

This post is also a day out of order as tomorrow on Slow Day you'll see the day we prepared for Grammie's arrival! This is real life! Catching up as we can and doing what works!

Have you been picnicking yet this summer?

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Anonymous said...

I love the relationship your kids share with your parents.
How is your Dad doing?