Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentine Tea

Homemade Valentines started off our morning celebration! I set a fun table with donuts, scrambled eggs and sausage to enjoy before church.

In contrast and full disclosure, after showing how you can pull off a beautiful table in a few minutes with even serving frozen pizza, there are times that I enjoy and want to make more of an effort or serve homemade food. This is still kept as manageable and simplified as possible based on what works well for us!

When thinking of Valentine's Day, I read about having high tea in The Life Giving Home and it sparked an interest in doing a special tea for lunch time.

I had planned to buy mini quiche but when I saw their $10 price tag I decided to take leftover pie crust scraps from my freezer and make some for a fraction of the price. Most things were made the day before and the quiches were made before church.

Menu included:
mini quiche
Christmas morning scones; served with jam and very lightly sweetened whip cream
wafer cookies dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles
hot tea

We all worked together to set and prepare the table and food. And, then enjoyed a lovely lunch of dainty foods and treats. Emily arranged the flowers, Rachel set out the cheese and crackers and Samuel helped to set the table.

It was fun to pull out my great-grandmothers crystal {her name is Emily!} and enjoy using them!


Shelby said...

Love, heart swell. So special and I love that you didn't fall for the $10 quiche. The cards are super cute, breakfast and lunch look like so much love.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! When my daughter was young,we used to have a valentines tea. Now she's going to be a high school graduate, and we're still doing tea. I have enjoyed that book very much. Thankyou for sharing. Great job on the quiche decision! :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What precious love going on here. I love it.

angie said...

The valentines you made for your family were so fitting for each of them, while still incorporating your love for handmade and paper scrappy layering. I've never made sconce or mini quiche, but I love both. Your table settings and food served are such beauty, feeding the soul and the stomach.
I'm amazed at how much you accomplish before church. I must become disciplined in this area. Neither of my kids need my help to get ready, yet I'm always rushing out the door without makeup or breakfast. (Both happen on the drive to church!) I anticipate you saying that you do a lot on Sat to prepare. So, since I tend to stay in bed as long as possible, perhaps that is the best answer for me.

*carrie* said...

Beautiful decor and yummy treats!

Mom said...

Lovely! And Memee would be pleased to know that you are enjoying her crystal with your family. :)