Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chilly Slow Weekend

It was cozy and cold here this weekend! We saw a few snow flurries in the air which is a rare and fun treat!

And, it was my favorite kind of weekend - yummy food, not much scheduled and lots of time to just be home and go slow!

We enjoyed a couple of fires in the fireplace and it was cold enough to enjoy a hot drink!

I finished this little cute fox for an upcoming birthday gift - details coming Thursday.

As for cozy food - we've had chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese, apple crisp (this recipe without the crust), meat and potato pie, beef stew with mashed potatoes and homemade chocolate cake!

The girls have been making bookmarks to go with my book - be still my heart.

And, all three have been creating newspapers from brochures and postcards we got on a family trip a couple of years ago! It reminds me of the scene in Little Women where the sisters all create a newspaper and sit around reading portions! I love this kind of creative play! Samuel was the editor who had to "approve" their prints for publication and he reminded them to add tax to the price of their paper - ha!

Rachel has had her eye on some footie pajamas since around Christmas time and took herself shopping to purchase these over the weekend! Well, I took her but she had saved up her money and was so excited at how cozy they were.

We're about to have an 8 year old boy in our house and I bet you can guess the party theme! I spent some time this weekend getting crafty and making preparations for the coming festivities!

Also, enjoyed a little coloring and reading! I love this quote and look at this amazing before/after with memorable family touches! Love! What did you do this weekend?


*carrie* said...

Quick blog break in between packing and other tasks . . .

Glad you enjoyed some cozy time! Funny about R's pj's, as Natalie wanted some, and I gave her a pair for Christmas--purple camo. =)

Adorable bookmarks!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a wonderful weekend. Our weekend was very similar. We had chili, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, I finished the Amish Miracle book, and we just simply rested. So nice! I love the bookmarks. I love that your kids are doing that.

Mom said...

Love these cozy photos! :) Cute jammies for Rachel, and I love the bookmark idea!