Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

Good morning, friends! Well, it is a new week and our slow Thanksgiving week is sadly over!!! We had such a lovely week!

I sort of got mixed up on my auto posts a few days ago - sorry about the seasonal confusion - is it Christmas? Is it Thanksgiving?! Wanted to wrap up Fall with our Thanksgiving photos today and then it is on to Christmas!!!!

I finished up the She Reads Truth Psalms of Thanksgiving study and enjoyed it! Then it was time to set a festive and fun table and make our traditional Thanksgiving breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, sugared pecans and sausage. YUM!

Then I sort of just puttered around and took my time doing whatever I wanted really. It was absolutely glorious!

Pretty soon everyone was hungry and so it was time for a snacky lunch! I fixed this for lunch a few years ago and it just sort of stuck and now we love it on Thanksgiving day!

It was a gorgeous day for lunch outside!

I love eating Thanksgiving dinner in the evening! It just feels cozier and makes the day last longer to me. Plus, I love spending time in the afternoon coming up with a fun table setting! I really didn't have much of an idea in mind this time except I knew I wanted to try the little wood placecards - the rest just sort of evolved!

If you looked at any of my Open Tabs links you will see where some of the inspiration came from for the chalkboard centerpiece and placecard holders. A little tutorial for making the paper wreath is coming soon!

We finished the night off with an outside fire! It was my favorite kind of day - slow and relaxing with some crafty and yummy mixed in - plus being together!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Handmade Christmas: Notecards

After a busy day recently, we needed a bonus Slow Day on a Friday! Over breakfast I asked, "What do you want to do today?" All three wanted to craft and/or paint - so we were eager to pull out the supplies and get crafting!

My merry elves were busy painting rainbows and fancy cakes and war {guess who!?} and other festive decor. I didn't really start out knowing what I was going to make - but these note cards are what happened during that crafting session!

I'm sort of on a mission to use what I have and this project fit the bill perfectly: blank notecards, paint, a misc cork from who knows where and some snow glitter.

Super simple polka dots {made with a stray cork} and fun Christmas words - I even added some dots to the envelopes!

Annual Performance Review for Mamas

Remember those days of working full time and having an annual performance review? I am one of those who likes feedback - I need to know where I'm at with people and just find it helpful if delivered the right way.

Feedback can often be lacking for a full time mama. And if we are getting some it might be discouraging. For example, I see a bathroom not picked up again, feedback I receive: they are not getting it and/or I'm failing at teaching them to clean up. I hear arguing amongst siblings; feedback I receive: that noise clutter is rising my stress level, how will I manage it this time? Can you please get me a drink? feedback I receive: silence instead of thank you.

There is hope mama friends, we are not finished yet and neither are our children. For a little encouragement and reminder of good feedback for your weary heart - I have a suggestion.

Recently I  was working on finishing the editing of one of my blog books. I like to have my blog printed out by year into a thick keepsake book. {I have always used Blurb to print out my blog books.} Anyway, working through those posts and getting them arranged in the program to be printed just made me smile over and over.

It was a joy and blessing to look at all the fun memories we've made together. It showed me things I've done right as a mom and it was a good reminder of all the moments I've been present for and involved in.

May I encourage you in this? If you are feeling discouraged or just don't feel like you're getting anywhere right now - look back and be reminded of all the things you have done right. Because there have been oh-so-many. I confess that I focus on all the things I think I'm doing wrong or feel like I've failed at, looking through this book of our history was a good reminder to me of things I've done right.

There's your review right there - none of us are perfect, we have all made mistakes. But, hear this: there is a whole lot you are doing right. Let that lighten your step and brighten your face today!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Slow Day

Chicken and Potato Chowder