Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

Good morning, friends! Well, it is a new week and our slow Thanksgiving week is sadly over!!! We had such a lovely week!

I sort of got mixed up on my auto posts a few days ago - sorry about the seasonal confusion - is it Christmas? Is it Thanksgiving?! Wanted to wrap up Fall with our Thanksgiving photos today and then it is on to Christmas!!!!

I finished up the She Reads Truth Psalms of Thanksgiving study and enjoyed it! Then it was time to set a festive and fun table and make our traditional Thanksgiving breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, sugared pecans and sausage. YUM!

Then I sort of just puttered around and took my time doing whatever I wanted really. It was absolutely glorious!

Pretty soon everyone was hungry and so it was time for a snacky lunch! I fixed this for lunch a few years ago and it just sort of stuck and now we love it on Thanksgiving day!

It was a gorgeous day for lunch outside!

I love eating Thanksgiving dinner in the evening! It just feels cozier and makes the day last longer to me. Plus, I love spending time in the afternoon coming up with a fun table setting! I really didn't have much of an idea in mind this time except I knew I wanted to try the little wood placecards - the rest just sort of evolved!

If you looked at any of my Open Tabs links you will see where some of the inspiration came from for the chalkboard centerpiece and placecard holders. A little tutorial for making the paper wreath is coming soon!

We finished the night off with an outside fire! It was my favorite kind of day - slow and relaxing with some crafty and yummy mixed in - plus being together!!


Tina Leigh said...

Sounds like awesome family memory making. Everything is beautiful and wonderful pictures of the kids. I look forward to seeing how yall celebrate The Christ season also.

angie said...

If I cooked/prepared those three meals, I would have been in the kitchen all the day long. I'm curious as to how you did that and had time to putter away.
I love how your tablescape evolved from one or two inspirations. If that is black construction paper for the placements, that is genius. It echoes the chalkboard in the center.
Glad you are enjoying your outdoor fire bowl!

*carrie* said...

Looks like a lovely day. Cute idea to hang pictures outside!

Mrs. Paul said...

Your day simply looks delightful! I especially liked the banner hung between the twigs. Monica, I hope you know that the love and care put into your children's lives by you and your husband SHOWS IN THEIR COUNTENANCES. God has given you an amazing heart for your family and His love and Spirit show in all that you do.

Thankful and Blessed in Arizona,

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Dorothy Langlois: thank you! That is so sweet and kind! Blessed Advent to you :)