Monday, May 04, 2015

Rustic Crust

I recently received a review request from Rustic Crust pizza crusts and sauces who wanted to send me ingredients to host a Pizza Party in exchange for a review. Yes please! Sounded fun!

When my box arrived, there were three large crusts in it and a package with three sauce pouches. I immediately noticed that the ingredients were all normal things that I could easily pronounce like tomatoes, garlic, onion, flour, water, butter, etc...

Rustic Crust uses non-GMO ingredients and no artificial preservatives so that was nice too! And, I think their name is really fun!

One day that week, we were helping friends pack up their house to move and I brought the crusts and sauce with me to make lunch for all of us! We made pepperoni and cheese, ham and cheese and an olive oil, grilled chicken, italian cheese one also!

First thing I noticed was that one of our crusts had a little bit of mold on one edge, I cut it off and used it anyway. If you were buying in the store you'd probably notice that but since mine came in the mail I couldn't choose what I got.

All six kids gobbled the pizza up, of course! My friend and I were trying to really think about taste and texture and things so I could give this an honest review.

The crust was a great texture actually, it was chewy but not doughy at all. It truly is more of a flat bread than a dough crust. It baked really nicely and did not get too crispy. We tried three variations of crust and all were really tasty. The chewy texture actually made it very hard for Emily to eat with two palate expanders and braces in her mouth right now!

But we both especially noticed the great flavor of the sauce! It was so tasty! The pouch looked a little small but it was very well measured and turned out to be the perfect amount for our pizzas.

None of my photos turned out very well {hurry, feeding six kiddos, packing, etc!} but here you go anyway:

Overall, I was pleased with the opportunity to review these products. I think they are definitely worth a try, though I confess I don't really know about if it is a good price/value as they are not available in my area.

Thanks, Rustic Crust, for the free pizza party to share with friends! I received these crusts and sauces at no charge in exchange for sharing my own opinion with you.

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