Monday, May 04, 2015

April Family Night

Had a picnic lunch in our yard and our neighbor girl wandered over, we were doing the Resurrection Eggs and story and were glad to include her!

Planted our garden! Definitely serves our family!

Picked up trash at an Easter event at our church while we were enjoying the fun.

Took carts back to the store on our way in.

My littles cleaned out all the CC bins after bringing them home from our last Community Day! Sharpened pencils, cleaned maps, tested markers, pulled out broken crayons, etc...

Took cookies to some new neighbors!And took strawberries to neighbors across the street.

This month, I feel like we did less *planned* service, but still looked for lots of opportunities to help and serve those around us. Emily served her family by making breakfast, we helped friends, we shared baked goodies when we went to others' homes, etc...

This sorta reminded me of when I was working and had come to a point where I could choose between a couple of different jobs within the same place. I spent a lot of time praying and soul-searching to see what would be a good fit and I landed on this thought:

I like to make others' lives easier.

I still find this true and think of this often lately, jumping in there and doing hard stuff is just what I do, going to extra trouble and making things look pretty even if it takes extra time is just what I do, I like hard work and like to feel productive.

Even if you only find one thing to do this next month, what can you do to make someone else's life easier or run more smoothly even if only for a moment? 


Valerie said...

Good morning, Monica. What a beautiful post and photograph. I loved hearing how you and your family are spreading the Good News as the hands and feet of Christ. Blessings!

Dawn said...

You can't imagine my shock on seeing this church on your blog. My grandfather became the pastor of that church in June of 1964. My mother was about to begin her senior year of high school, and they had moved here from upstate.

My mom met my dad, they married, and I was born in July of 1967. I was baptized on Palm Sunday of 1968, BY my grandfather in THAT church.
I attended that church until I was 16 years old and moved away. My grandparents moved when I was 4 years old, assigned to a new church.

I live 5 minutes from that church, and last week, they repainted the whole thing!! It looks so nice now.
So many of my childhood memories are wrapped up in that building.