Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Living

We packed our shoeboxes over the weekend and I had seen this cute idea on Pinterest about tracing your hand on the lid ~ my littles loved this idea!

A stray leaf that was on my porch after our Harvest Party made me run back inside to grab my camera - beauty like this is just too pretty to go unnoticed and/or unappreciated. Now it is in a tiny bottle on my kitchen counter!

We had a gift card for donuts and I was hoping for one last pumpkin donut - but the Fall flavors are gone so we tried a Christmas one!

Heading to the mall over the weekend, Samuel spied a gorgeous sunset and verbally commented on it. As we were walking into the mall it got even more beautiful and I had to stop and at least snap one quick pic. I'm so glad the Christmas train opened early {as in before Thanksgiving} so we would have an opportunity to ride before traveling!

And, I love this jolly little soul greeting me at my front door - it's sort of humorous considering we live in the South and it will not snow :) But, still cute and festive!

I imagine some of you will read this and think you are not ready for Christmas yet! We have never gotten our decorations out before Thanksgiving but it is just what works this year! I'm feeling more thankful than ever that Christmas things start early as it gives us a small window of time to enjoy a few local things before heading out of town. Perspective does make a difference!