Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello friends! Wow, life has been full and busy lately - I have no idea where this post will go yet, but just want to get started catching up on all that we've been doing around here.

Last weekend, David hauled all of our Christmas goodies out of the attic. We were not home for Christmas last year and won't be this year either and my wise mama suggested we still do a bit of decorating. The more I thought about that, I realized that when we come home if there isn't a little festive it will be very blah feeling. So.... decorate I did! We did not set up a tree of course, but at least there are fun Christmas touches all over!!!

I just love this time of year. From about Labor Day until New Years Day is my favorite season of the year. And, when it hits about this time - I start feeling a little down thinking about it all being over soon. However I will enjoy it and choose to celebrate the days we have ahead of us!

I've been getting ready for our next CC tutor meeting coming up tonight! This will be a fun set of weeks since we'll be studying famous artists including Monet. I was so thrilled to find these tiny canvas/easel sets that were affordable {check retail me not for a discount code!} and had fun making this little sample for our project. I think all of our little artists will have fun with this!

The above sight continues to discourage me - their room only looks like this when I am trying to help them clean it up and clean out from under/behind furniture. Sigh - it is consistently a two hour project with mucho frustration for their mama. Still working on this and the underlying heart conditions. Trying to impart that it shows responsibility, respect, gratefulness when we care for our space and home. And, brings peace and a calmer spirit.

A few photos from our CC Harvest Party ~ Let Us Give Thanks chalkboard printable available here.

Ok, that is enough updating for one day! I will have another catch up day tomorrow!