Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Oh, Emily girl -

How can you possibly be nine? It is true what mamas before me have said, the days may seem to go slowly sometimes, but the years are going by so fast. You have always been grown up for your age - but just recently, you have shown signs of the lovely young lady to come. I am so blessed and thankful to be your mama.

You love to play the piano and the faster the speed the better, you are a great reader and have been devouring books for years. And, Miss Jayne tells me you are working hard at your ballet as well. You are a baby magnet - if there is one close by, I will always know where to find you! Right at that sweet babe's side with your finger intertwined in theirs.

You take it all in and you learn by example so quickly. You already know how to teach younger children things effectively and with patience. And, when I was sick this week - you even took over some of the home school and that blessed this icky feeling mama.

I am so excited for your party today because you are excited but also because we have a big surprise for you. You asked for a horse themed party and you think it is in our back yard. I am so proud of you for not being disappointed about this, but God has worked out a way for it to be at the farm where you enjoyed 4H and I can hardly wait to tell you and see how excited you will be to actually have your party at a barn and with horses. Oh my, you will be beside yourself.

Thank you for asking how you can help, for always being available to someone younger needing assistance and for doing your best at your school work.

I am sad that nine years have gone so quickly but happy at what lovely results they have produced and can't wait to see how you grow and bloom over the next nine years. We love you, Em1Boo {nickname lately here!}


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A little sneak peek at some party decor!