Friday, August 02, 2013

Pinterest Project - Part 2

I did it! I made the rainbow cake! Oh, did we have fun making this together one of our last summer slower days! This is such a fun cake to cut into - we were so excited to see the rainbow appear. I used this white cake recipe.

Rainbows and I go waaay back. When I was a little girl if you asked me what my favorite color was I would say, "rainbows!" I had Rainbow Brite, Cheer Bear with a rainbow on his tummy, a little white bunny with rainbow striped ears that played Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and a fuzzy pink worm with a rainbow striped sweater. I had a rainbow bedspread, curtains, clothes and shoes. I guess you could say that rainbows and I were bff's! I still find the colors so amazing and vibrant and inspiring! Not to mention the Biblical visual of God's promise to us through the rainbow.

Photo explosion follows! :)