Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pinterest Project - Part 1

It seems that I go in little crafty bursts throughout the year and go crazy creating and then take a pause for a while. I've been in a little whirlwind of creating lately which has been wonderful but as we start school next week, I foresee this winding down considerably! I don't give up creating during school, but I do need to be cautious in limiting so I don't get behind and overwhelmed at home again.

Here's a charming idea via Pinterest that was fun to make! A chalkboard banner! Did you know they made chalk cloth? Me neither. But, it is glorious and fun! And, not that expensive really. I ordered together with two other friends and got my 1/2 yard piece for $5.50 with free shipping. This size piece made three banners and I have a few scraps leftover.

I liked all my pennants in one line rather than two and made it 15 total as I counted up a number of sayings and that seemed to fit my needs better than 14. I had everything else on hand to make this except the chalk cloth so it counts as a thrifty project! And, it is so versatile and can be quickly and easily changed!