Monday, March 18, 2013

Organ Concert and Playing Tourist

There is a church in town that offers free organ concerts regularly and I've long wanted to make it there to enjoy one! We finally made it and it was fun because we'd been studying Bach that week and got to hear some Bach on the organ!

We sat in the balcony so we could see the organ and organist - it was very interesting to watch!

There is a very old cemetery surrounding the church and we had fun meandering through and pretending to be tourists afterward! It was a beautiful day and I was glad for some fresh air and sunshine. I had fun looking for interesting shapes, textures and seeing the weathering process that had taken place on so many surfaces.


Wendi said...

How fun to play tourist in your own town! Love the pictures of the church... it looks old and beautiful!

Mom said...

Glad you enjoyed the organ concert. Great photos -- definitely the Old South! :) Cute photo of Emily and Rachel walking hand in hand. :) Love, Mom

Angelia said...

Those were very lovely photographs Monica! This month, We have been studying Beethovan. I admire this adventure you took the children on. The old church was so lovely and all the weathering and diffrent textures where especially beautiful, as you said! Tell Emily that her hair looked very pretty. Angelia in Tx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Monica.
Darling photos of the kids.
Sounds like a fun day.
Love you, Grandma

angie said...

I often think that we neglect the activities in our own area, given over to a too-busy schedule. We like to vacation in the off-season and play tourist in our local area during the summer.
Your organ concert reminds me of a jazz vespars I've wanted to attend at a nearby church. And my son could get some extra credit points for band for attending. We live in a university town, so the music, theater, art, planetarium, sports offerings are endless.
So much free for the offering; good for you for finding the time (on the heels of a Bach study) to take advantage!

JenN said...

It looks like spring! Thank you for sharing...still waiting for spring to arrive here-