Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Sweet Kindred Spirit

Here's me with Katie and Melissa {a South Carolina friend who also knows and loves Katie!}

On our way home from Kansas City, I had a sweet opportunity to meet a lovely blog-friend: Katie! She and her family so graciously opened their home to us and honored us with the sweetest hospitality!

What a joy to see our children playing so sweetly together and I accept responsibility for talking to her and distracting her so much that dinner was delayed {sheepish grin!}

I was/am humbled by the sweet spirit I experienced when meeting Katie and her family. And, I give God the praise for how He has equipped her to be a special blessing to others. What a genuine, kind soul! What a privilege to enter into a most special place: the home and heart of a friend. To see the Scripture on her walls and the Bible open on her kitchen counter and to witness a Christ-like attitude. I am encouraged and challenged to seek God more because of her.

Katie blessed us with a delicious dinner, cozy bed and took every care for our comfort. Then she topped it all off with sweet little goodies for all of us and even lots of Laura Ingalls Wilder goodies for Emily's upcoming Prairie Party!! Yay - can't wait!

How do you thank and honor a friend who serves so selflessly and graciously? Words don't seem adequate - but Katie, I do thank you. Your hospitality is a blessing that continues on in my heart and mind as I think of our visit with such sweet memories!

And, what a treat to be able to meet up with our mutual friend Melissa the next morning for breakfast with seven littles too!

A sweet little thanks to my sister, Carrie, who also got to meet Katie a few days before me and left a note on my pillow!


Mary Ann said...

Katie's on my list of bloggers I'd love to meet in real life too! So glad you got to spend time with her!

Wendi said...

How fun! You can feel Katie's sweet nature through the post on her blog. She is on my list of bloggers I would like meet.

Mom said...

A sweet tribute for the hospitality extended by a kindred spirit! You, Carrie, and Grandma have all gotten to meet Katie in real life -- I hope I will be able to meet her sometime, too! :)
Love, Mom

*carrie* said...

That is funny, Monica. We're so well-coordinated! =)

Glad to see a couple pix from your time together.

~katie~ said...

Oh, I'm in tears!!! =) I'm so undeserving of such kind words!

Trust me when I say this ~ the pleasure was all ours!! Meeting your sweet family (and Carrie's and Melissa's) were honors orchestrated by God himself!! I'm so very grateful you made the time to do this!! Tickled!!

Ok, now must work on getting my post up!! =)

Blessings to a sweet kindred spirit,

*2 Peter 1:2*

p.s. Mary Ann, Wendi, and Monica and Carrie's dear mother ~ I'd love to meet y'all too! ♥ Humbled.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet tribute to a very sweet person. I too can attribute to Katie's loving personality and thoughtfulness. I'm so glad you & Carrie both got to meet her this trip. Now,if we could ALL get together sometime (including your mom.) Wouldn't that be fun?
Thanks for sharing the pictures., too.
Love you, Grandma

Leanne said...

what a neat know my BOYS love Little House on the Prairie, too!

Angelia said...

Thank you for sharing this, Monica. I read a handful of blogs and Katie's is one I truely adore, shes inspiring and thru her words I sense such a genuine and sweet spirit. I am so happy you two spent " real" days together. It was a warm thought think of you too chatting extra long before dinner.

Angelia in Tx