Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bzzz, Happy Birthday!

Near the end of our Colorado road trip, we made a long weekend stop in Kansas City to have a big family gathering! While there, we took advantage of the fact that Rachel's birthday fell over that weekend and celebrated with cousins!

 My Grandma offered to bake cupcakes and I loved these little polka dot candy cups turned cup cake holders! Some yellow frosting and these sugared bees made the cakes super simple!

Bee plates and napkins are from Amazon and cups from the Dollar Tree I think! Stripey straws and treat bags from here.

Next, it was time to start some fun and games!


We started with homemade bubbles and bee-shaped wands from Dollar Tree!
What fun!

Then we colored wooden bees and lady bugs {also found at Dollar Tree} - this was a fun thing and good because it was inside where it was cool!

We played bee, bee, flower {think duck, duck, goose} and musical chairs with the Flight of the Bumblebee song!

Our last game was to sip the "nectar" {water} from the cup and take it to the "flower" {red cup} ~ this was a little tricky, but getting wet and cooling off was the main idea anyway!

We also celebrated with Rachel's choice in Colorado with a trip to Casa Bonita!

Happy 6th Birthday, Rachel!


Wendi said...

I remember you sharing pictures of this bundle of joy. Hard to believe six years have gone by.

Happy Birthday to Bee-utiful Miss Rachael!

Leanne said...

the bee decorations were just TOO cute!! Its so fun that she got to celebrate with family!!

Mom said...

So happy to share these celebrations with you! :)
Love, Mom/Grammie

~katie~ said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel from our whole family!!! Yay! Fun summer birthday party!

*carrie* said...

Fun times! Glad it worked out to celebrate together. Super cute party as usual!

Kelli said...

What a fun theme! Love the games.

Anonymous said...

How sweet and fun. Love the Bee theme. Super cute.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Sure looks like everyone had fun. Love the sugarbees.

Happy Birthday to Rachel.

Anonymous said...

hi monica.....love the decorations and activities. you throw the best birthday parties!! what great memories for your children.

Anonymous said...

So thankful to be a part of Rachel's 6th birthday party!!
Thanks for sharing these photos.
You always do such a GREAT job on parties and pictures!
It was such fun to be there.

Love and hugs to Rachel and ALL of you, Grandma/Nana

angie said...

This was a fun bday party theme. Did Rachel select this, or did you base it on some fabulous finds? I especially love the candy cups turned cupcake liners. Were you able to bake them in there?