Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Spring!

We finally had our First Day of Spring party only it wasn't on the First Day of Spring! All in all, it doesn't really matter does it? The point is we're saving Easter for celebrating Jesus' death, burial and resurrection and doing our fun spring activities another day!

We were able to have everything outside and it was such a nice day! And, I continue to be so thankful for our screened porch! Decorations were super simple: Easter Garden, a polka-dot sheet from the thrift store, Spring mobile and this year I added these adorable little bunny chalkboards found at Michael's!

We also had a couple of friends join us this year! My good friend Melissa and her sweet Jane came and a neighbor boy came as well!

The morning began with bunny biscuits and goodie baskets!

Next we did lap books and a little plant marker craft from Hobby Lobby.

Then, it was time to hunt eggs! This is always a highlight!

After this, we came back inside and read Benjamin's Box along with our
set of Resurrection Eggs. I've been telling myself for several years that I could make my own set and haven't done it so I decided this year just to purchase a set and be enjoying it (simplify!)

Next, we were ready to decorate eggs! Rather than dying them, I provided paints and brushes and let the art begin! While the moms fixed lunch, the younger crowd watched Veggie Tales Easter Carol. Melissa made a super yummy Mama lunch for us: broccoli cheese soup, egg salad sandwiches and fruit - YUM!

Lunch was bunny pizzas (same as bunny biscuits above except for the obvious changes needed for pizza!), fruit and chickie crackers plus bunny cookies for dessert - thank you, Pinterest!

What a fun time we had and it was a beautiful Spring day to enjoy all this fun!


Melissa said...

It was great fun!!! Loved every careful detail. Always a treat to be a part of your special events!

Katy said...

It looks like it was all a wonderful time! :) I love how you make things special!

Mom said...

What fun!! :) Glad to see these great photos -- love you, Mom

Wendi said...

Fun! I love you make the simple things special. :)

LynnMarie said...

You make all the holidays so special for your family. You are a blessing to them.

Elise said...

That is so cute!!! I LOVE Emily's dress, too. I totally love how you keep egg hunts and such separate from Easter and wish I'd seen that before having children...I think every year that I sometimes wish I hadn't started SC and EB. I like how you keep the focus on Jesus.

Kelly said...

What a sweet time! You encourage & inspire me daily when I read your blog! Thank you! Happy Spring & the reminder of LIFE everlasting!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute, Monica. Thanks for sharing these pics. Adorable!
It was so good to talk to you on the phone the other evening.

Love you, Grandma