Monday, November 28, 2011

A Dreamy Thanksgiving Part One

Wednesday and Thursday of Thanksgiving week were so fun! I was in crafty, decorating, styling, cooking heaven! And, since it is still November - it seems to be too early to talk about Christmas stuff or maybe it is just an excuse to keep going with Fall!

Either way - here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving celebration:

Thankful for You Breakfast:
I made our traditional Thanksgiving breakfast and had so much fun making it pretty and sharing it with a sweet friend and her family! I took a ridiculous number of photos of her breakfast :)

And, we enjoyed the same breakfast!

After breakfast, I made pumpkin pie and made it cute with inspiration from here:

Ok, one more thing for today and then I'll finish up tomorrow. Have you figured out yet that we ate outside?! This is something I've been wanting to do for several years but for one reason or another it hasn't worked out. Yippee! It did this year! And, I loved every minute of it!

I moved out this rocking chair from our screened in porch and earlier in November, I made a little pillow {with leftover drop cloth and a Sharpie} via this inspiration.

More tomorrow!


Kathy said...

So very pretty! What a special breakfast!

Wendi said...

It all looks so pretty. I love the banner on your pie! I am tucking that away for next year.

*carrie* said...

You are something else. I thought you ate on your porch--I didn't realize you ate in the backyard. Fun! Your displays look beautiful and thoughtful as always. So glad you enjoyed it.

Mom said...

Beautiful! I'm thankful for your creativity and your enjoyment of creating beautiful settings/meals for your family and friends! Love you - Mom

Bonnie said...

You certainly made good use of that box of alphabet pasta! Everything looks great, I can't wait to see part 2!

Tracy said...

Would you share with us what your traditional thanksgiving breakfast is? It's always hard for me to figure out what to eat on that morning with so much cooking to do for the day! Everything looks beautiful, as always!

Elise said...

LOVE it, Monica!! All of your little touches made it so special. Love that breakfast, too-such a good idea!!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I love your Thanksgiving photos ;) :) What a great idea and super cute, too :) :) Plus, that Thanksgiving breakfast for neighbors is super sweet :) :) Where did you find those really cute mason jars? Have a good week. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

angie said...

Based on the box of alphabet pasta that I noticed in an earlier post, I'm guessing that you will have plenty left for future projects. That is very clever.
So glad that the weather cooperated for an outdoor feast. That is how the original settlers did it, I'm sure. We have a Franklin picture book in which their feast has to be moved outside because Franklin and his parents invited so many forest friends.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Monica! I'm so glad you got to realize your dream of having Thanksgiving Dinner outside.
Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas. Lovely! I'm so sorry Emily didn't feel like eating with you. Hope she is feeling better by now.
The pictures are all lovely, but the one of Rachel steals my heart!
Wonderful memories!

Love you, Grandma