Friday, October 07, 2011

Days of Beauty: Extending Beauty Beyond the Walls

Yesterday, we shared beauty - but today I am challenging myself to take it outside of the walls of my home and take beauty on the road!

Now, the ideas are limitless of things you could do! Take a treat to a friend, lunch, plan a fun picnic family night for your family, I'm sure you'll have great ideas!

Psalm 45:1 (The Message), "My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness.
I pour it out in a poem to the King, shaping the river into words ..."

This week has been a blessing to our home and I hope it has been to yours as well! Tomorrow, my favorite highlights from your weeks of beauty! Now, I'll tell you that I wrote the daily assignments a week ago for the whole week. Today, several of my ideas fell through - so I didn't exactly fulfill the goal to take beauty to others.

But, I got creative in looking at what I considered beauty. When David forgot a bag of cookies to share with his co-workers, we dropped those off and in the midst of a crazy day - I saw it as beauty. When I helped another who needed it, I saw it as the beauty of service.

I also did not take very many pictures today. And, we took the day off school - it was our first skipped day since we started and was just needed all around. Just relaxing the routine for a day was beauty. We did our errands, Mt. Laundry was conquered (for the day!) and I did some sewing.

We enjoyed lunch out on the porch! And, look at these cute mugs my Aunt sent from Chile!

Transforming into new beauty:

A yummy fall treat which I shamelessly admit that I did not make. When our store had caramel apples on sale and I was reminded of previous flops - it was a no brainer to me!

Thank you for joining me! It was a beautiful week!


Ami said...

If you want to make caramel apples yourself - I can give you a few tips. I buy the kraft caramels and follow their directions of adding water to melt them, but I melt them slowly and just until hot enough to melt. Then I take the pot of caramel off the heat.

The biggest trick - use big apples with no wax! I buy mine from a local orchard, and I can get little ones without wax from the farmer's market. If you don't have those options I don't where you can get apples that haven't been waxed, but I have had some success trying to scrub the wax off with baking soda. But non-waxed apples really work best.

And grease your waxed paper before you put those sticky apples on it!

I make these a couple times each fall and I'm relieved that I've finally figured out how to do it! I use really big apples. Since each one is so much work, I want it to feed more people! I drizzle it with chocolate and sprinkle it with goodies - candies or nuts or sprinkles.

Since my little boy eats gluten free, we are planning these instead of a birthday cake for his 3rd birthday next week!

Mom said...

Love these photos -- we miss you!! I'm also reminded of the beauty you've extended beyond your walls and brought into our house when you come for a summer or Christmas visit. :) Love, Mom

Katy said...

Oh my....I am *really* in the mood for a caramel apple...YUM! :)

Wendi said...

Although not everything went according to your plans I am glad that you still found beauty. A wise woman told me to hold my plans loose and she is right. It is easy to miss the beauty around us if we are upset by an incomplete to do list or a messed up schedule.

Enjoy your day!

Abbi said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Here is my recent post on Making my Home a Haven: