Friday, August 12, 2011

Seeing things as they really are...

You know those times - the ones where you feel like a complete failure. Where you know you are ruining your children and failing at the one chance you have with them. I have been there. More often than I care to admit.

But, God is showing me something lately. He is showing me how to see my children a little bit more the way He sees them. He sees their hearts that delight in singing praise to Him. He sees that they are truly trying and desiring to be good. Though I can get easily frustrated with things seeming to be so far from where I want them to be - He encourages me that I am right there with them.

And, then this encouragement comes:

Philippians 1:6, "... he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

Isn't it easy for us to get tunnel vision and see only the negative, only the long list of things we still need to work on and pray over? It is for me, I will admit.

May I encourage my own heart along with yours today? Our children are soaking up the things we are investing in them. By God's grace - they are becoming who He wants them to be. Keep at it and be of good courage - perseverance and seeking Him above all will allow us to faithfully reach the finish line and hear, "Well done."

Let's look for those glimmers of goodness and hope in our children and tell them we notice and are proud of them. Then, bring it to God as an offering of praise and thanks - with trust for the future.

** Just a few photos from around here lately.**


*carrie* said...

Love that last paragraph, Monica. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

Anonymous said...

You are spot on, here! I sometimes get caught up with how I would like things to "appear", rather than getting myself "messy" in the mud that is the hearts of real people. I sometimes have to stop myself: Does this child really feel like I love him/her? DELIGHT in him or her? Like home life is sweet and good? OR am I cutting down, hurrying along, and frustrated in the name of "training?" I do think one of the best mothering techniques is to live for Christ and invite your children to witness it. :) The messy and the good. :) Thanks for your honesty here!

Debra said...

Wonderful post, Monica. I think we all feel the way you do at times. Some days I am just not sure I am getting it right. Then I have days like yesterday when my daughter's teacher called me to thank me for some supplies I brought in for a project and also mentioned how much she enjoyed having daughter in class and how she has been so helpful to other students.
I like to think that is what we have taught her to do but once you leave them @ school you just never know. I pray everyday that she shows that type of behavior.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite song and Bible verse as well. Every time I feel so lost and tired, I just that song and read Gods word .

God has been so great in my life. And I thank Him for being who He is in my life.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy