Monday, August 15, 2011

Chair Makeover

Oh, I'm so excited about this! Remember when I shared about the chair that my friend Grace and I slipcovered over Memorial Day? Well, recently she was here and it was my turn for a new chair!!

This chair was given to us right before we got married and it has made a great Peace Retreat! However, I've long desired to give it a little update - I wanted to change the fabric, give it a little skirt and change the seat back.

Here is the before:


And, the after:

I spent about $40 for two drop cloths, blue and white ticking and the cording. The next day, I was looking in a magazine at a slip cover that was over $600! So, it made me realize what a bargain this was. I am soooo happy at how it turned out - it makes me giddy to look at our lovely makeover!

You can see the piping up close here.

Again, we used Miss Mustard Seed's tutorials and I've been reading her blog for a few months and am thoroughly enjoying her style and ideas!

Now, I'm dreaming of doing my couches - hmmm, will I have the nerve?


Valerie said...

Wow...unbelievable! You did a fantastic job. So very talented.

My favorite part...those little bows on the back!

Mom said...

Looks good! You and Grace did a great job -- way to go! Love, Mom

Lisa said...

Your chair cover is so nice--I love it! Great Job!

Shelby said...

Beautiful Monica:) Turned out fabulous.

*carrie* said...

So fun you guys could do this together and for one another!

Talk to you soon.

Cortney said...

I'm in the middle of slipcovering my firt chair right now too! I've been watching Miss Mustard Seed's videos as well. Your chair turned out so well!

LynnMarie said...

WOW Amazing! What a great job you did.

Wendi said...

It looks fantastic!

~katie~ said...

Gorgeous transformation, and on so cozy!!! I love that you each blessed each other with your creative skills. Fun!

asnipofgoodness said...

WOW Monica, great job! I love it, it turned out FANTASTIC! I am very impressed, and super jealous, and moderately inspired. I have a couch screaming for a new cover, kinda daunting:)

kt said...

Love what you did w/ the piping!