Tuesday, May 03, 2011


The opposite of more, of course, is less.

Less creates space.

Room to breathe.

Blank spaces can inspire.

One thing I often notice when I go to someone else's home is how uncluttered it is. This is something I really struggle with - so most homes I visit are noticeably less cluttered than mine. I've been watching for it and observing it...and desiring to bring it home.

I notice clear counters. Ahem. Definitely a weakness for me.

I notice more space and less in it. Clear space to breathe, to enjoy the space we have available and to live life in those spaces. Whether it is blanks on the calendar, counters in the kitchen or letting one photo speak volumes over scores of pictures speaking only fragments.

Excess is stifling ~ space is life-giving.

Tomorrow: Elimination

Photo: Lots of space around here as we moved everything to have our carpets cleaned.


LynnMarie said...

Spring time is the perfect time to clean out all the stuff you didn't use last spring or even to clean out the winter stuff you did use last winter. Our church has a Give-Away-Day where we collect it all and take it downtown, open the truck and give it away to those who can really use it or need it. It does good to us and them and we all come home to homes with more stace and less stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good morning. I just found your blog through another blog. THANK YOU! It brought hope and warmth to my heavy heart.
Great blog, full of hope, gratitude, love of the Lord.
Thank you.
Mary :-)

~katie~ said...

Maybe you should coin a new phrase for part of spring cleaning this year... Instead of "de-cluttering" (which is technically a negative word)...how about calling it "making spaces" or something really sophisticated like "space generation"...hee hee Ok, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it as decluttering, but you get the idea...something much more positive! =) I love how you always see the positive in the negative ~ I would say you have a gift for that! When I saw your photo and description...it just spoke to me..."breathe". =) Neat post!

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I struggle with creating space as well. I love it but I'm especially struggling with our homeschool things right now since we don't have an extra room and right now it is all on bookshelves in our small kitchen-adjoining dining room.

Any suggestions for making all of those different bits and pieces not look cluttered (without spending a lot of money)?

Meghan said...

I love what Katie said~ I love how you always see the positive in the negative ~ I would say you have a gift for that! When I saw your photo and description...it just spoke to me..."breathe". =) ~
I completely agree! I also have a difficulty with keeping counters clean. I so love to walk into the kitchen and see everything cleaned off. I literally do feel as though I can breathe better.
You are such a blessing, Monica!

angie said...

I think our children yearn for those open spaces even more than we do. I remembered when we moved into our house, the kids wanted us to leave one room empty except for big pillows! We didn't...but I could appreciate their logic.

Brenda said...

Ug! Looking around my house as I read this post. Just ug! Can't wait for tomorrow--I need constant reminders of this.

ren said...

Two years ago when we sold our house we staged it (major decluttering of walls and furniture) before showing it to potential buyers. I was shocked at how taking so much stuff (even though it was pretty stuff) off the walls made me feel so good and less stressed. It was like I could actually breathe in my own home (gee, what a concept)! WHen we moved into our new home I really pared down to have that same feeling and brought lots of things to goodwill. Another added benefit- much less to dust! Good luck to you as you figure out your de-cluttering plan!

Rachel said...

I am in need of making spaces, too. This week's goal is to go through kitchen cupboards to get rid of the excess so that the things we use all the time can actually be easily put away instead of piled on the counter because things are so packed in the cupboards. Making space and letting go are my phrases for the week. Thanks for the encouragement, Monica!

Melissa said...

I'm in need of more space! My house is actually too small for our things. I don't think we have too many things, but have just grown out of our small space in the course of nine years. Although, there are small items of this and that. Those items drive me nuts and I can't wait to get home and get rid of them.

Love fresh carpets!!! I know you are doing flip flops over the cleanliness of your clean floors!!! Ruff, ruff!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Monica,

Of course you know, you've hit me "between the eyes" with this series. My little one-room apartment always seems cluttered to me and I don't like that, but I've been reluctant to "give up" some of my treasures. Maybe when you come this summer, you can help me make some decisions about this.

I agree you always see the positive side of things. Keep up the good work, Sweetie!

Love you, Grandma

Dawn said...

Seriously, I am a minimalist living in a 1640 sq ft house with 10 other people.
I keep thinking that one day my house will be emptier and cleaner. Then I remember how much my grandmother loved for my kids to all be at her house and scatter toys everywhere. She didn't care if people came in...she just said"I guess you can see my kids are here today. Come on in!"

Spectrum of Amber said...

Just reading your post brought peace and quiet to my soul. It's as if your words lifted the cluttered piles of things to do and began adding space to my house. I suppose they created space in my mind - room to breathe. I will be looking around for ways I can make space.

Debra said...

Great post! I like space,too. :) I notice that when we are home more (like the upcoming summer vacation) the house is a bit more cluttered because we're here doing & living. When my daughter was younger it was the same way since we were home most of the time. I always try to keep my dining room table clear no matter what. I have plenty of other 'dumping grounds' though but it's nice to have one space that I know is clear and it makes me feel good to look at it.

Mom said...

Love the spacious photo of your living room! :) Do you still have your copy of the book Simple Abundance? If so, check out the entry for May 24 - The Fullness of Nothing. See you soon! Love, Mom