Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Elimination is key in getting from stifling to inspiring.

Less words that mean more.

Less commitments that I'm more fully engaged in.

Less clutter to manage.

What needs eliminated or greatly reduced from our lives to give us more breathing room? I'm breathing easier just thinking about the about you?

Practically speaking as I was putting things back from the carpet clean - I really thought before putting it there. I rearranged some in the living room and even did some eliminating.

Big stack of magazines in a cute lunch box? I moved the lunch box to a better purpose and will donate any unwanted magazines to the library free bin.

My CC bin that is not in use for the summer? I moved it out of the living room and into my closet underneath some other storage - out of sight!

Berries in a vase? I've enjoyed these for years, but after they have received numerous trimmings from a scissor happy four year old, they aren't quite as nice as they used to be. Solution: garage sale pile.

Crazy busy day and a sewing class on top of that? Called to reschedule the class, stayed home and took a nap!

What will you eliminate today?

Tomorrow: Balance

Photo: Blue Angels flying almost right over our heads this weekend!


Mary Ann said...

We bought Mother's Day cards instead of me making them this week. A small price to pay for one less thing on my list this week. And the ladies will appreciate them just as much!

Nice picture. The one family I do childcare for was visiting grandparents in your general area last weekend and attended that air show.:-)

I'm enjoying this series. Very thought-provoking!

Lona said...

Keep this up!! This is what I so desperately need. My husband had knee surgery, son got sick, I got sick, lost a brother in law suddenly Sat., so my plate has been filled up and pouring over!! And all of this happened in 8 days. Nevertheless, God is good, so good, and you, my friend are inspiring me to get up and get moving again!! Thank you!!

*carrie* said...

Hahahahahaha--ironic thinking about this in a week where I've been asked to take on several additional commitments. (Including one MORE at church--that makes 3 in 5 days!)

Definitely something I need to give some serious consideration.

You canceled your sewing class? I don't blame you! =)

Love you!

Annie said...

I love this series! Thank you so much! This is exactly where I am - but there's much still to get rid of.

Lauren ( in Savannah) said...

I am always dealing with clutter with four kids and I usually try to make a list(I'm a list girl)of rooms in my house and areas like "Toy shelf, video area...) and declutter room by room checking each area off. Recently a family from our church had their house burn down and the man commented that when asked how much help they needed moving he said "I need two people to carry our two walmart bags of stuff". Wow! That really puts it in perspective how much STUFF we really have! (Hope this post made sense...)

Tasha said...

I love this! And here lately have been walking around my home looking for things to get rid of. I want to see that space you talked about yesterday. And I have removed some stuff, but I need more elimination. Thanks for the reminder. As always you get me thinking about what matters in my life.

Unknown said...

This is a very timely series for me. We are in the processes of moving from our church's rental house to an apartment. (our church has the opportunity to buy a facility 4x the size of ours now, so their selling the current property...our house included) So much of what we have CAN'T fit into the new space, so I'm learning to go through it & see what we really need.
In addition to that my hubby just started working two weeks ago, after two YEARS on unemployment. So I'm learning my new normal routine. Which means doing a lot less, since my hubby isn't at home and able to stay with the kids while I go do stuff.

~katie~ said...

I could eliminate a lot of words!! I have a major tendency to write...a lot! In school, my teachers always had to limit me for term was so hard for me to edit and eliminate the excess! As I've grown, I've realized the importance of this process in so many areas of life! Proverbs 10:19 rings in my mind so often!!! I know I was not gifted with polished articulation nor eloquence of speech...but I will say that I do try to choose my words carefully ~ this takes work and the help of the Holy Spirit. Now to only reduce the quantity and increase the quality. *sigh...I think the length of this comment speaks for itself! I'm a work-in-progress, indeed!!* Liking this series, Monica.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Eliminating worry and the need to have it all perfect.
Eliminating stress lines -- making room for smiling! :)
Eliminating pressure.
For praise.

You are a gift...

All's grace,