Thursday, March 03, 2011

Haven: Day Five

It was a good day! I started out by listening to a Vision Forum DVD during my Quiet Time and while I got ready. Always good stuff there!

This is what I saw when I went to get Samuel up:

This crazy boy can sleep anywhere! And, what makes me laugh is that he took his pillow and blanket and got himself all cozy in the rocking chair. Of course, I let him sleep!

We had banana bread for breakfast and then got to chores and school. I had a dentist appointment and a friend graciously offered to have my children over to play while I was at the dentist. Her husband is deployed and I don't know her very well - so I offered to bring lunch after my appointment so we could eat together and visit. It was fun! I was encouraged and hope she was too - plus my children had a GREAT time!

I did my home chores and put away all of my Valentine decorations - thank you for the inspiration to do this, Mary Ann! I got out a few Spring things as well. David came home very tired from a long day - so a nice quiet family evening was in order.

For tomorrow:

* Plan a Family Night activity. We're planning to take a picnic supper to a park that has lots of sidewalk and grass. So, we'll bring scooters and a ball or two for some family play time!

* Tidy: Start at the front door and work through the house.

* Share the highlight of your week - from your haven!

Now, for the winner of the Max Lucado books: congratulations heicoc!


pippasmum said...

That sounds like another lovely day. I am so jealous that you will be able to do an outdoor picnic. We are supposed to have freezing rain all day here tomorrow. On the plus side, what a great reason to make it cozy and haven-like inside!
Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Samuel looks so cute and cozy! Pierce does the same thing except usually on the floor; ) They are so sweet and cute at this age! Cherish it... all to soon he'll want to hang out with Daddy! Love, Christy

heicoc said...

Monica thank you so much! My two youngest will love them and I can also share them with my Preschool class. I've followed along all week and you have inspired me everyday.

LynnMarie said...

Love Samuel sleeping on the rocker! Our daughter could sleep anyplace as well and she once slept on the bus full of teens going to a teen retreat! No idea how she did that one but I got a picture of it. So funny. sounds like you have a great day planned.

~katie~ said...

Precious Samuel! Ok, I love your idea to start at the front door and walk through the house...perfect idea!! Have a good weekend.

Wendi said...

Love the picture of Samuel! Kids are so funny. So many times I find Megan curled up on the floor instead of her nice, comfy bed!

Abbi said...

How cute that your son was sleeping in a chair!

I don't think a picnic will be possible for us for a month or two or three. Reading about all your outdoor stuff makes me think it would be fun to go south for a bit. :-) That's all right though we are still getting to go downhill skiing and we like that too. Summer will come just not for a while.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

The photo of your boy sleeping in the chair is so adorable ;) :) preciousl ittle thing!!! I love how he thought to bring his blanket and pillow!!!

oh, picnic and playtime at the park sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy!!!!

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica;

So sweet of Samuel to take his pillow & blanket & curl up in the rocking chair! So cute! LOVE the picture.

Glad you are able to have a picnic.
It's rainy, cold & dreary here today.

Love you, Grandma

no spring chicken said...

I just recently started blogging and thought I would let you know that I am a fan of your blog. I found it several months ago and find it fresh and encouraging. I'm further along in my parenting and would love to encourage you that life is still busy and rich! I remember thinking through tears that the precious time with my littles was just flying by and that thought was just so sad. Now my littles are biggles and stimulate me with their character and creativity. I guess you could call these my paycheck years. I didn't mean to go on and on. I guess I should blog about this. :) Keep up the good work through Him who strengthens!