Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little touches of Christmas!

The day after Thanksgiving, I traditionally get out the Christmas decorations! It is always a lot of fun to get the boxes out and cozy up the house!

But, this year - I wondered if I should really get much out? I mean, we are leaving December 7th for the rest of the month to go to Colorado. And, does it make sense to get a bunch of decorations out only to have to put them all back when we get home on Jan. 1? No.

However, I am such a lover of all things Christmas and cozy and getting the house all fixed up for this season - that I knew I could not do nothing.

So, I began to look for ways to make the most of what we have out everyday and add little Christmas touches to those things. We're going without a tree - but I did have David get out the Christmas decoration boxes and I picked a very few things to get out.

Are you traveling for Christmas? Here are my ideas for adding Christmas to your home in a very short time and with only a few things from your stash of decorations!

* Christmas books and magazines!

Let their cover artwork provide lots of color and a festive touch for an instant display!
Current and past issues grouped together will provide a lot of Christmas cheer!

* Glass and Fabric Covered Balls!

Giving Thanks hurricanes are filled seasonally and I love keeping these out all the time! A few ornaments really went a long way in these jars that are on my kitchen counter.

Thankful for His Grace vase is instantly transformed when holding glass ornament balls.
Again, this takes about two minutes, but adds sparkle and ambiance immediately!

* Mini Wreaths!

I think these were my favorite touch this year! And, finding mini wreaths is so simple!
Look for napkin rings, candle rings or small wreath ornaments on the after-Christmas sales for a sweet simple way to dress up candle sticks, lay in jars or tie on to vases or candle holders.

* Something for the front door!

I typically get free greens at Lowe's to spruce up my front door - but saw these festive ice skates in my Christmas box already decorated. Again, all the time this took was to walk from the box to the door and hang!

* Something for your table!

I got out a table runner and my Advent Wreath - instant and yet,
lots of impact for just getting out these two things!

* Candles!

I have several little electric candle lights that I love to use year-around!
And, I recently was able to get these with a DaySpring gift code that I got when we sponsored our two new Compassion children.

* A couple of bigger items for higher impact!

One or two bigger things when grouped with the everyday
things will make a bigger impact than little things of course!

A pillow, a couple of trees and an angel are quick and pretty!

* Yummy smells!

Make something that adds to the Christmas smell or use
scented candles if you can in your home.

Make a cup of hot tea or simmer some mulling spices.

* Christmas Music!

* Christmas words on chalkboards!

The idea is that even though I did not want to get all my things out - I did not want to be deprived of everything Christmas! I wanted to get into the spirit of things and enjoy this cozy time of year in my home. Each area just looks lightly touched by Christmas which is just enough to sparkle and it won't take a lot of time or energy! It's amazing what you can do with one hour and a few goodies!

How do you handle your decor when traveling this time of year?


aspiritofsimplicity said...

It looks very pretty. I hang ice skates up on my front door as well.

LynnMarie said...

Looks very nice. I love this season as well.

Christy said...

Love the ice skates!! There is a shop by me that is selling miniture skates to add to wreaths.

Flannel Jammies Farm said...

Such lovely touches of the season throughout your home! We once spent a Christmas on a family holiday with my husband's mother, his siblings, and all of our children. I couldn't bear to be without decoration in our hotel suite, so I brought along mini trees and decorations, and a few touches of greenery. Safe travel and holiday wonder to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

It all looks Cozy. I love those candles.

angie said...

Just the right touches! No, I can't imagine not decorating either.
And nature will provide some wonderful decor for you while on holiday.

Melissa said...

I have been eyeing those nativity hurricane lights for weeks now. I may have to get them ;o)

Kaira said...

Your house is so cozy looking. You are wonderfully creative. :)

The Gundy Bunch said...

LOVE this! and i am so grateful to have found your blog and to have you as a new friend!! merry christmas!!!

Carters said...

Can you tell me where you bought your nativity hurricane candles?