Monday, July 13, 2009

Remembering France: Day Three

Today, we'll revisit our trip to Normandy. I was impressed as our bus approached with how many American flags were flying in the nearby town. There was such a feeling of thankfulness to America for their presence and the victory that followed. I took tons of pictures - because I knew this was one of our stops that David would have enjoyed the most since he is so interested in war history.

Omaha Beach:

Remembering those who gave their lives:

I am so thankful for those who have served in the past and who are currently serving our country. To these men and women and to their families - I pray God's blessing and protection over them.


Inside the chapel it says,

"This chapel has been erected
by the
United States of America
in grateful memory of her sons
who gave their lives
in the landings
on the Normandy beaches
and in the liberation
of Northern France.

Their graves
are the permanent and visible symbol
of their heroic devotion
and their sacrifice
in the common cause
of humanity."

Monuments at Normandy:

Gold Beach:

I enjoyed seeing the many beautiful flowers in the small towns of France!

Here is my Dad with his Tour de France t-shirt and a planting of flowers honoring the race:

Next, we travel to Mont St. Michel - we will tour there tomorrow!


Brie said...

I'd love to go visit this spot. My hubby's great uncle was at Omaha Beach and was one of the few to survive...his buddies weren't so lucky. So thankful for all the men and women who sacrificed for freedom.

Elise said...

I went to Paris, France when I was in high school. We also went to Barcelona, Spain and London, England. Sadly I cannot remember exactly where all we went...
Your photos are gorgeous!!

Wendi said...

While I was in Germany the military would send soliders to Normandy every Memorial Day. They would line the cemetary with American flags. WWII Vets would return and there would be a large ceremony. I wish I could have attended one because the pictures were stunning.

Mom said...

A very memorable day! Thanks for sharing these great photos -- and I second your thanks to our servicemen and women (past/present) and their families. Love you, Mom

Jessica said...

It's amazing to see the beaches so calm and peaceful. They're just beautiful. I can't imagine how terrible it must have been during the invasion. Terribly sad. Thanks for sharing your trip to France with us. It's been really neat to see all the different places you visited.