Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remembering France Day Four

So, my first favorite thing was visiting Monet's Garden - but this was my second favorite thing!

Here was the view from the nearby village in the late afternoon and then at dusk. I wish the night picture was better - it was so very beautiful:

Mont St. Michel is so amazing because the entire place is built on an island! And, most of that is made up of the abbey and church. Now it is a monastery - the simplicity of the inside: minimal furnishings, no color, etc... lend itself to a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Being pregnant at the time, I wasn't sure I was going to make the steep walk and something like 900 stairs. But I was all the way there - I did not want to miss it! My Dad walked slower with me and we made it!

The walk up is an experience in itself as the cobblestone like walkways are bordered by little shops that make up a village nearly all the way up!

From the top - a lovely view on a cozy gray day:

a few inside photos:

a courtyard at the top of Mont St. Michel:

A few more pix from our day (though not at Mont St. Michel):


Rachael in NZ said...

Wow! Mont St. Michel reminds me of Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings!

Carrie said...

Wow! Your trip sounds amazing and this castle looks STUNNING and magical! Thanks for sharing!

The Liberty Belle said...

Okay, your photographs of Mont St. Michel are so much better than mine! I plan on posting mine tomorrow. Today I posted photographs from Chambord. Your pics are really quite lovely.

Sarah M said...

we went there, too, I LOVED that place!
Sarah M