Monday, December 15, 2008

Orange Placecards

Last year, right around Christmas, I found myself blessed with an abundance of oranges! So, was looking for some creative way of using them.

I was inspired, again, by a Matthew Mead article in Country Home and decorated the oranges with whole cloves. Above you see - spelling a word and propping them up on upside-down ice cream dishes.

Place cards were made as well and put at each place - just the first initial of each guest. They don't show up very well in this picture, but looking back - it was the only picture I had!

After Christmas, my Dad sliced these all up and we put them in the freezer where I've been able to use them throughout the year to run through my garbage disposal making it smell great!

What is your favorite place card idea? I haven't decided what to make this year, so look forward to some inspiration!


angie said...

I like to use natural elements, too. Our table will only be set for four this year, but I think I will use pine cones with a small tag tucked into the layers. Or I have some clear ornament bulbs. I may fill them with curled scraps of paper (leftover from making the Jesus garlands)and put an initial monogram or sticker on the outside of the bulb.

barbara said...

I'm going to put candies in jelly jars, Christmas fabric on the lid, and a ribbon tied on - then I will write the guest's name on the ribbon.

Another idea is to make 'ornament' cookies (just a simple circle) - ice with red for girls, green for boys (or whatever colors you use at Christmas) and write the guest's name across the cookie with white icing.

And my last idea is to write or print the guest's name on cardstock, attach a Christmas sticker, punch a hole in the corner and string through Christmas ribbon or raffia and tie around a napkin and place on the plate.

Can you tell me more about the oranges? Did you freeze just the peel or the fruit as well? My children are always asking me to make orange peel candy, but I feel like we never have enough to do it. I didn't realize I could freeze the peels - would that still work to make the candy?

Sorry this was long. Merry CHRISTmas!

Amy said...

That is such a cute idea! I love his idea of putting scrapbook paper under clear dishes so that the pattern shows through and I bet you could add a name on there that way too when layering your plates.

Melissa said...

How about letting your girls decorate craft balls like tree ornaments and write the name of a guest on Christmas craft paper, attach it to a green or red toothpick, and then stick it on top with a small bow. You could place those on your ice cream dishes.

Anonymous said...

My favorite place card idea would be an actual photo of that person. A close up of their face cut out and placed on another cut out cirlce of pretty paper. You could then whole punch at the top (kinda like you did your garland) and then insert ribon and wrap around napking and place on plate.

Renee said...

I was thinking of making little cards sewn with yarn on the letters. Say person's intials, or a very small word that sums up the season for your family. Plus it gives the children something to do that is educational, and they learn good skills as well. Just a thought though.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of using something they can take with them and keep - candle, ornament, etc.

I've never done creative place cards (it's first come, first sit in our family!), but I love reading these ideas.

Monica Wilkinson said...


I jut cut the oranges in chunks and freeze the whole thing. I would not see why you couldn't freeze the peel - it stays pretty firm. I'm not familiar with orange peel candy - but I would probably try it and see if it works!