Monday, June 09, 2008


I received an e-mail from a PR Agency in New York letting me know about this contest. I decided to go ahead and enter - because it was fun to write out my someday dreams!

Here is my entry:

Making Life More Special, Meaningful & Memorable
by Monica Xxxx

Someday. A powerful word that evokes many feelings and dreams!

Someday, I’d love a screened-in porch added to our home. A place that would create memories for my children - summer afternoons lazily reading or playing games, hosting friends or family for a meal or homemade treat, reaching out to our neighbors and creating a sense of community - the possibilities are endless and compelling.

Someday, I want to have a Happiness or Blessing Fund. A creative and resourceful way for me to see a need and do something about it.

Wouldn't it be fun to take out five $20 bills handing them out to those who cross my path that need it? I make an effort to bless and help those around me - but wouldn't it be amazing to be able to be more generous and giving to those I may not even know?

Someday, I want to travel to a place where children don’t know what getting a gift is like. To partner with an organization such as Samaritan's Purse and help hand out shoebox gifts to these children. I know how much I love celebrations and I would love to make that dream a reality for others.

In summary, my "someday" dreams are centered around making the lives of others more special, meaningful and memorable, which will enrich my life as well.

The key to successful "someday" dreams is enjoying and appreciating each day we have. Thank you for the opportunity to share my "someday" dreams!

** A few other someday thoughts:
~ learn to play the violin
~ be part of a homemaking-mentor ministry
~ live near my family

What are your someday dreams?


Megan said...

Someday .... I'll live near a Ronald McDonald House and spend my days volunteering. To share hope and love with families (who have ill children) and to use my gifts to the glory of God.

(My family lived in a Ronald McDonald house for 70 days and our volunteers blessed us in soooo many ways!)

Anonymous said...

I have some similar someday dreams as you Monica. Screened porch, giving more freely, and helping others. I also would someday be mature enough in my faith not to worry or be anxious when trials come. To have a peaceful heart someday i think would be a huge blessing to my Lord and His children. Oh and someday i want to be a cool grandma too :*)! tammyp

Wendi said...

Monica, this really shows what a giving heart you have!

Someday... I would love to be able to give freely to a local charity, Servant's Heart. More than cast off clothes and a few canned goods.

I have been so blessed by the adoption of my daughter that I would be honored to be able to financially help a couple adopt from China... someday.

I would also like to buy land in the country and build my dream home. ~Wendi

Anonymous said...

Wow -- what a someday list! I loved reading these desires of your heart. :) It is so "you" to think so much of others in your someday wish list!

I used to have a lot of "someday" dreams -- but at this season of my life, many of them have come true -- being a mom (what wonderful daughters I have!), going to France, paying off our mortgage. I do have a list of things I would still like to do "someday" -- such as visit all 50 states, drive Route 66, go on a mission trip, and see a Broadway play in NYC. And I am thankful that someday I will be in heaven with my loved ones!

Thanks for sharing -- love you, Mom

*carrie* said...


Enjoyed reading this list. I totally agree about living near family someday!!

I had no idea you were interested in playing the violin. I, too, hope you can fulfill these dreams. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Okay Monica,
Here's the deal.
1) We start a campaign telling your Mom and sister how fabulous SC is. I know they have visited but living here would be better.
2)I will be your very first homemaking mentoree. Where do I sign up?
3) Sorry, can't help you out with the violin. I play the piano.


Elise said...

That is so cool! I have some similar Somedays to yours...I would just love to own our own home again soon. We have been renting for about 2.5 years now to pay off debt and I want to be in a home that I can raise my family in and make memories in. A screened porch would be a bonus and a huge front porch also. Rambling...
Hope you win!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Dawn - you gave me a smile! I play the piano too - would love to start a campaign on my sister and mom (sad news is that my dad cannot live in this kind of humidity due to asthma) and am suddenly wondering why I felt myself qualified to be a homemaking mentor! :) Have a great day!