Friday, June 06, 2008

Fashion Follow-Up

It has been a while since this post on fashion - but I haven't forgotten to do a follow-up.

I have been learning a lot in this area! First of all, I think I got in a bit over my head by bringing up this topic since I am not very gifted in this way!

Susan P suggested Missus Smartypants - my Mom gave me a subscription for my birthday and I love it! I gave her one for Mother's Day so we are enjoying it together. I really have learned a lot from this already. I am a petite and she has a great section just for petites. This has been completely worth it already!

She has a section on doing a closet purge (mine is done) and then how to build a wardrobe based on a Pyramid idea. Perhaps you can find a consignment store to sell some of your unwanted items at and put that in your new clothes fund!

Another thing I discovered is the Virtual Model at Land's End. For instance, want to try on a denim skirt? Here's an example: I just bought this skirt and am loving it! To try it on, go here and click Try On. Create your own model that fits your body type and it will show you the clothes on your model! Isn't this great?! (Note: You can also visit the My Virtual Model website and try on clothing from multiple retailers.)

There are other great features on the Land's End web site like "Complete this outfit" when you are trying on a skirt but don't know what to pair with it. They aren't bribing me with anything. I am just very impressed with how their site is designed. I've always been pleased with their quality and modesty, while still offering fashionable and practical clothing.

Make sure to do a quick internet search for the site you are shopping at just to see if there are any free shipping codes out there. I recently ordered from two places and had free shipping codes for both. One was found just by doing a quick search online.

I know that some of these web sites are more expensive than shopping sales and clearance racks. But, I know that lots of these sites have clearance sections, you can often get free shipping codes, and how nice is it that you can try things on at home! I also know that if I spend $3 or $4 per item at a thrift shop and end up giving it away because it wasn't the right purchase to begin with - I am better off to spend a little bit more on less choices that I will wear more.

Another thought is that you can take what you learn from these places and apply them to your shopping out and about.

Since we mentioned this last time, has anyone else learned anything new or found a new article of clothing you really feel good in? I know that for me, I have noticed that when I feel like something fits right, I feel good about myself and this has a big impact on my attitude towards my home and family throughout the day!


Mary Ann said...

I've found too, that sometimes quality costs a bit more but ends up being something I wear a lot more and therefore is worth the cost! I have 2 identical black skirts that I wear all the time, casual or dressy! They are so nice and I've had them for years.

I'm trying to build a wardrobe based on a few classic pieces that match. My biggest trouble is finding shoes that I can wear with skirts or pants, especially for winter when my feet are cold all the time. Any suggestions?

After several years of looking, I've finally found a swim suit that I love and am not embarrassed to be seen in. I love it! It is one of the "skirtini" sets from I got it on sale and had free shipping. Yes, I paid more than the cheap-o suits(oh wait they are expensive everywhere!)but it is modest and cute, plus covers my major problem spots.:-)Thought I would share that for other ladies who might be having trouble finding a swim suit that fits.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your subscription to Missus Smarty Pants. I am, too! I am still working on my Closet Purge. Cute skirt you found at Lands End. :) Thanks for the fashion update! Love you, Mom

RT said...

Great skirt! I think Land's End is a great resource. They've really created a niche for their clothes--not to mention their enormous swimsuit line with suits for ladies of every shape. I'm glad you're finding ways to feel good about yourself with fashion! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Unknown said...

That skirt is adorable! I may just have to check it out for myslef! Thanks for the update, I was wondering how things were coming along. I need to do a closet purge cause I tend to hang onto things even when they don't fit all that well.

Eleanor Joyce said...

Very cute Lands End skirt! I always look for fun purses/bags at thrift shops and garage sales. I tend to dress in classic styles, and now that I'm older (46!!) I don't like to look drab. A fun purse goes a long way to livening up an outfit. If not a purse then just some unexpected, lively accessory. I'm not a jewelry fan, so purses work for me.

A favorite wardrobe piece this year is a long, very lightweight 3 tiered cotton crinkle skirt in varying shades of pink. I wear it with a plain black tshirt and black sandals. Very comfy, and have gotten loads of compliments. It was $2.99 at Salvation Army!

Paige said...

I have that skirt. I bought it at the end of last summer and got the last size ten. It is loose but better loose than tight I always think!
I was thinking that the madras plaid long shorts would be cute on you. Does Missus Smarty pants say long shorts are good for petites?

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

I have that skirt, and I am wearing it right now! Love it.

Molly said...

Oh, oh, did you know that I needed this help?!?! :) This is exactly what I have been looking for! How had I missed that try on option on Land's End?! Guess I've always been in too much of a hurry! And the Miss Smarty Pants? Love it! I am in the weightloss process and needing to re-do my closet, but am not the greatest fashion person and living in a different country doesn't allow me to go to a store to try stuff on. We have to order online. Can't wait to try these things out! Thanks SO much for sharing!

*carrie* said...


Glad you posted a link to the skirt so we could all see it. Very cute!

Susan said...


I have heard of Mrs. SmartyPants, but was unsure about paying for services. I was unsure I would get the value out if it. Thanks for sharing, I will check this out a bit more! I need a lot of updating on my fashion for sure.

Carolina Mama said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I like the choice you made. Looks like it is a real keeper. My "WinItWednesday" giveaway ends June 11th. :) Ya'll come enter: