Friday, May 12, 2006

Kindred Spirit

Not everyone has a chance in their lifetime to make a friend who is truly a kindred spirit. God has given me such a sweet and special one in my friend, Grace! She is here visiting for a few days and we are having such a great time together. I am so thankful for her! Seriously, I know she is a good friend because who else would help me pull weeds, cut scarves for 200+ children for VBS, and work on making envelopes for the baby announcements I want to send out in a few months?! Thank you, Grace ~ you are a treasure!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

I am thankful that you and Grace have found each other! Julie and I are proof that you can maintain a dear friendship across the miles and the years. :)

Thinking of you while you are together -- please tell Grace hello from me.

Love, Mom