Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Museum Day

Our little art history class of two plus myself, spent the day in Savannah this past week to take in the art, history and architecture. We saw so many neat things including a lot of Regency era elements which fit perfectly with our Jane Austen theme as well!

Enjoy the photos - Savannah always inspires!


Shannon said...

Monica - These pictures are lovely! Would you mind sharing where you went in Savannah? I would love to plan a field trip!

Mom said...

Oh, if those walls could talk! Great photos of your Savannah excursion. :) Love that drying rack!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Shannon! Yes, of course - we bought one ticket and all three places we went were included on that one ticket so that is why we chose the places we did! The Telfair Academy was hands down our number one favorite place - the art there was more classic and just beautiful. The Jepsen Art Center is more modern art - still neat, but not as much enjoyed by our crew :) And also included is the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters. We enjoyed that one too, it was neat to see Regency period elements in both the house and Telfair Academy, which incidentally is in an old home as well, and fit perfectly with our Jane Austen study! So we went for Art History but got so much more!