Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Slow Summer Saturday

May is always busy and this time around has been no different - the pace feels frantic and I'm coming up for air most days. Feeling run down, I knew I needed a Bella Grace kind of day on Saturday. 

I started my day in the Word, always important. Some co-workers and I were just talking about how when it is busy it can be tempting to skimp on our time with the Lord but when we are busy we need it more than ever!

Rachel and I headed to the farmers market and found this lovely bouquet of flowers, a gloriously huge sourdough round, spring mix lettuce and some new potatoes. It is always inspiring to stroll through the market and smell so many tantalizing aromas and see so many beautiful colors. We spontaneously came upon a yard sale after that and I found this little chalkboard table/easel. 

After taking Rachel to dance, I decided to set up some beauty things and just enjoy being on my porch. I've been out here for four hours and counting - so good for my spirit and to slow down my body and mind. 

We enjoyed the most delicious lunch of grilled cheese made from the bread we bought in the morning, salad and hot tea. 

Slowing down has refreshed my heart, soul, body and mind. 


Ginger said...

I am surprised our nasty Lowcountry bugs would let you eat outside. I have lived in the Lowcountry since kindergarten and will never get used to the biting gnats (no-see-ums) and mosquitos. They make outdoors miserable for me.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Ginger: that is often the case, but there were no bugs! It is a miracle!