Monday, May 03, 2021

Art for Dinner

We host community group at our house every Thursday evening and several of us ladies take turns making the entree and then everyone contributes sides, drinks and dessert. A couple of weeks ago, a friend brought quail for dinner that had been given to them and they had tons of it. When there was a lot left, we pulled it all off the bones and I made two large pot pies from the meat and broth I got from cooking the bones. 

It just felt like such a community and group effort and generous provision for the quail to stretch so far! The morning of, I was in an artsy mood and decided to decorate the tops with pie crust scraps I had collected in the freezer - I was super pleased with how they turned out and it was really fun.

I wanted the Be Still one to look like a tree but it reminds me more of a bundle of balloons! Either way, it is cheerful and it was a joy to put my beauty-maker on and get creative.


Tina said...

These are too lovely to eat...but I would sure dig in, lol! Quail is one of my favorite meats. Danny cooked us a mess (that’s what we call them) about a week ago. Quail is a treat to us and Bobwhites are the best so we usually get them from Dorchester Shooting Preserve even if Danny hasn’t hunted. A real treat! What a blessing that y’all were able to get them. And of course, when eating quail, I always think of the Israelites and the blessing of the quail and manna.

Unknown said...

I love this, Monica!! So creative! You love the Lord with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul, and it shows in everything you do. We like quail stuffed with a little cream cheese and a strip of jalapeno. Then we wrap it in bacon and grill. Once it comes off the grill, we brush it with mild jalapeno jelly.

Andrea L.

Mom said...

Wow - these are beautiful!