Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Open Tabs

Hi Friends!

I certainly did not intend to drop off of posting again - but I guess that is how life goes sometimes. I'll be here when I can be here! 

Ok, I've been collecting a random list of miscy things to share with you - and I do mean random!

I've been pursuing less sugar intake and using as many natural sugars as possible. I'm trying not to worry about the little bits in salad dressing and condiments but rather focus on things like baking. Natural sugars I've been enjoying are coconut sugar, Date Lady date syrup, honey, maple syrup and sucanat. Have any favorites for me to check out?

One of the females in our home has had trouble with extreme cramps during her cycle. On a tip from a friend, I took a risk and pre-ordered the Jovi patch. We've only had it through one cycle so far, but I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this patch and what a difference it made in less than a minute for our girl. I figured a trip to the doctor would result in a medication recommendation which we didn't want and a bill higher than the patch, so I'm thrilled with this all-natural and reusable option. 

A sweet friend told Rachel and I about a clothing site where she and her daughter have found some great pieces at low prices. Rachel ordered several dresses months ago and loves them so I asked her to be my personal shopper and choose a few things she thought I would like. I received my tops this week and I love how they fit! Here are a few favorites: Floral Smock Blouse, Ruffle Cuff Smock Top, Embroidered Ruffle Trim Sheer Blouse, Ruffle and Gingham Blouse and Polka Dot High Low Blouse.

Speaking of clothes, I recently heard about the ThredUP Goody box option where they send you ten items to try in hopes of finding something unexpected that you wouldn't normally try. My sister had a better experience than I did, but I cannot say anything good about it and am still seeking resolution for a charge for a sweater I did not keep. Obviously I don't recommend this one!

Do you remember the show Clean Sweep from years ago with Peter Walsh? It was so fun to watch them help families clean out and get organized! Peter has a new show on an Australian channel now called Space Invaders. Sometimes you can find an episode or two on You Tube but that seems to be sporadic. It's a fun watch that inspires me to clean out!

Recently I enjoyed this Cloistered Away online retreat. Bethany has such a calm and peaceful spirit and a sweet heart for the mom and her schedule. It was a nice stay-at-home option for refreshment. 

Ok, that's all I have this time! Have anything new or interesting to share with me?!

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Mom said...

I'm always interested to read these random posts. I'm so glad the Jovi patch has been helpful! I'm sure Rachel enjoyed being your personal shopper. :) I had not heard about the ThredUP Goody box option. And yes, it has been fun to watch episodes of Space Invaders when they are available. Thanks for sharing these comments and links!