Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Christmas Tree Farm

Last week, we had planned to get a Christmas tree at the grocery store because they were advertised for such a good price. In the past couple of years, fresh trees have really gone up around us and so we were excited to get a good deal. Before we went, a friend told us about a local tree farm that we had never heard of and had reasonable trees - we paid exactly the same price as the grocery store and were thrilled to give our business to a family farm and also enjoy a fun outing together!

We enjoyed the beautiful day, had fun wandering through the trees, took our friend John with us and then stopped for lunch at Cook Out on the way home. Then in the afternoon got our tree decorated and outside lights up thanks to all the teenagers! Hooray! We are already enjoying all of the festive coziness!

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Mom said...

Such fun! (And I love Rachel's festive outfit!)