Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Guest Post: Emily's Grand Canyon Adventure!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and most of you would know me as Monica's oldest daughter... recently I went on a trip of a lifetime with my Grammie to the Grand Canyon, and mama invited me to come make a small post! Grammie gave me this trip for my 15th birthday, but because of Covid we weren't able to go till this summer...  luckily because of this not many people were there and we had a wonderful visit! I hope you enjoy my pictures! :)

We flew into a tiny (but adorable) little airport just outside of Flagstaff Arizona, and stayed in a cute little tourist town called Williams about a half hour away. The scenery was amazing! There were mountains, cactus, and a huge blue sky...plus the weather was amazing! We also poked around in a few of the little gift shops around town, and everyone was so friendly. 

After getting fully settled, and having a day of free time, we headed off for the canyon to view the sunset. This was my first time seeing the Grand Canyon in person, and it was AMAZING! I saw a mug in a gift shop that had a quote...

"There will never be a photograph of the Grand Canyon that can adequately describe its depth, breadth, and true beauty." (Stephanie Payne)

I could not have agreed more! After seeing pictures, hearing about experiences, and having it described to me, did not prepare me for what I was about to see...

After a lovely slow morning we went back to the canyon to spend the afternoon there before our guided rim tour. There were lot's of flowers that were in bloom, (which I absolutely LOVED 😉) and we went to gift shops that were open, took pictures, and went in a little visitors center.Then later that evening we hopped into a van and went on a spectacular tour of the rim. Our tour guide was a retired state trooper, and had a deep love of the Lord that was displayed with every thing he said. His presentation of creation, and the way they believe the canyon was formed was extraordinary, and so enlightening. Following the tour, our guide grabbed some blankets, and let us go sit by the rim and watch the sunset...Grammie and I prayed together and had a unforgettable moment. (PS: It was a unexpected private tour so we literally had the whole thing to ourselves which made it all the more special) 

The next day we drove to Phoenix, saw some beautiful mountains, and Saguaro cactus. (It was almost 15 degrees hotter there then in Williams) But they were so, so, so cool! They were GINORMOUS, and covered entire hillsides. Again I had never seen something like this before, and it was so fun to discover something new!


Then we headed home! It was an absolutely incredible trip and I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for bearing with me...I hope you had fun reading about, and seeing some of my adventure😊



Tina said...

Emily, what a beautiful trip! I’ve never been to the canyon either and I’m sure it’s beauty was overwhelming. I bet you felt very close to God there. His creation seems to always have that effect on me. Beautiful pictures. The last one of the cactus made me think of the cartoon with the Roadrunner and Coyote, lol. It looked as though either of them might peek around that cactus! Brought me to tears when you wrote of you and your grandmother praying together on such a special occasion in such an awesome place. Made me long for my Grammie who is now waiting for me in heaven. What a special gift. Thank you for sharing with us! I think you have your Mama’s talent of eye and word.

Grammie said...

Dear Emily, how fun to see this post from you about our trip to the Grand Canyon! Your photos are amazing (you are a good photographer like your mama)! It was so very special to go on this adventure together - sweet new memories!! I love you!

*carrie* said...

Yay, so special! Very thankful it worked out for you and Grammie to have this meaningful trip together. Awesome photos!

Nana said...

Oh Emily, what a special trip and time with Grammie. I'm so thankful you had this special time together and were able to see God's beautiful creation at the Grand Canyon.
How neat that you had a "private tour" with a Christian man. Great pictures. Love you,

Marieke said...

Thank you for your post
Very beautiful indeed.

Anonymous said...

Emily, thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. Goose bumps and misty eyes here.
What a delightful holiday to share with your grammie.