Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Cozy Quiet Retreat


After a slow morning and beauty breakfast, David took the kids out for a couple of hours and let me have my quiet retreat the rest of the morning! It was great because this is something I typically try to do each summer and it just hadn't happened yet this year.

Rachel came back with a bouquet of wildflowers for me! And then we enjoyed tacos for lunch and a game of Catan!

Have you had any time of quiet reflection and processing this summer? 

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. This year our childeren were home for almost 6 months, including vacations due to covid 19. So next monday our 2 childeren (6&4) are going back to school. Then there will be time for a retreat. But for now I am rereading Slow Lane as an inspiration. The Kids are playing and it is very hot outside, perfect reading.
Thank you for your blogs and boos.
Love from the Netherlands,