Thursday, June 04, 2020

Slow Evening and Beauty Walk

After taking Emily to a babysitting job Saturday night, I had planned to spend the evening downtown just enjoying some quiet. I packed my dinner, a journal, my Bible, my camera and a copy of Bella Grace. 

Unfortunately as soon as I arrived, it started raining! So I ended up eating dinner in the car - but it was still nice and relaxing. It was a pleasure to eat a cute dinner packed in parchment paper, a canning jar and an enamel pan. Taking an extra minute for this kind of beauty reaps rewards when the time for enjoyment arrives!

Once there was a break in the rain and I had finished eating, I set out on foot to wander through the historic homes and enjoy the sights and eventually the sparkle of sunlight dancing through the water drops.

Two hours doesn't seem like much, but it was inspiring and refreshing!

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kate. said...

Don't you LOVE that part of Beaufort? What are your dish towels??? I need.