Thursday, May 14, 2020

Skirted Sink

There is something so charming about a skirted sink! It wasn't initially my plan to do this while repainting this summer but once I got started and thought of it - I knew it would be so charming! And, I absolutely love it!

After some searching for fabric on Etsy, I found a shop called Grain Sack with beautiful antique linen options. This is not my first grain sack purchase, but this one exceeded my expectations. It was in perfect condition and was lovely to work with. I highly recommend this shop and had a great experience. Since they ship from Austria, it was a splurge with some birthday money - but I've already enjoyed it so much, the perfect thing for a special gift!

Meanwhile, I found these grain sack looking towels at our local Hobby Lobby and I love the feel of them and how they coordinate with the burlap and navy coloring of the skirted sink. They were with the blanks for embroidery - but I love them plain!

These little curtains are held up with some small spring rods that I ordered from Amazon as I could not find small enough rods locally.

Thanks for following along - our kitchen update is now complete! Yay! I love it!

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Mom said...

Pretty - and I'm glad it's done and that you are pleased with the results!