Monday, April 06, 2020

March/April Goals

Well, who knew at the beginning of March that this month would end up feeling like a year?! Such a difference from where we were just one month ago - at any rate, here were my March goals:

- two Sunday picnic and nature walks hopefully! We were able to do one the first weekend of the month and we've had many meals on our screened in porch since then!
- visit a friend for a week in Oklahoma: thankfully I was able to do this and have passed my fourteen days since returning home so I am grateful for both the safety and protection as well as the fun time away.
- host a one-day training for my CC directors: this has been rescheduled
- think about Easter plans: I have been thinking about how much we will need this celebration this year with so many things being cancelled. Stay tuned, I'm going to put together a post of inspiration on things you can do at home!
- submit an article to Bella Grace for the Fall issue: I have actually already done this, it worked out to get it done this past week - nice to have one thing already completed!
- do something that invests in our marriage every day - currently reading Dear Wife: I have not been as faithful at this as I would like though I have done some. Life has been a bit different than expected shall we say!

April goals:

This feels a bit laughable to me to make goals in a time when things are so uncertain, plans getting cancelled every day, etc. but I do want to be intentional with this time and since I assume we'll be home all of April - here are some things I'd love to do:

- plan a nice Easter meal for my family
- garden revamp: this is already in progress, we had a little picket fence around our garden that was completely rotten and falling down - David has taken that down and is going to build some raised beds!
- if you follow my InstaStories, you saw that my summer project is to repaint our kitchen cabinets. I painted them eight years ago and honestly the paint just hasn't aged/worn well so they are needing a refresh. I'd like to start this sooner rather than later.
- I've started going through all the closets/drawers/cabinets and such - I usually do this in the summer but would like to finish this as well
- finish our homeschool year - we always try to finish school by the first week of May and with things being so different this month I think we are all ready to be done :)

I'll admit that this past week has been very up and down and I'm sure many of you can relate! I've tried to focus on all the many things we have to be thankful for and there are many - tell me something you are grateful for today! And a goal you have for April!


Leanne said...

A spiritual goal I have for April is to not lose hope... we are between two "hot spot" cities and are speculated to become a "hot spot" area some time soon...
On those lines, for Holy Week, I plan on staying on FB as much as possible... its a time "sucker" and not always a good source of encouragement!!
I am following Jennifer's Scott's Chic Assignment on the Daily Connoisseur and plan on getting my Ten Item Wardrobe together...and learning to make homemade yogurt!
Finally... "just keep up, but give yourself grace"..... I am still working helping with "essential" childcare for the Christian ministry I work for... so, between 2 children e-learning and 1 still homeschooling and my husband working from home, it can feel a little nutty!
I also plan on going for a run 5 days a week :-) The fresh air soothes my soul!
What extraordinary times we are living in....
Have a blessed Holy Week reflecting and worshiping on the One who holds all things...
Love, Leanne

Evie said...

(I love your blog and find all of your posts and photos so encouraging.)

I am happy that the weather has been beautiful here in Kentucky. And we are blessed with a nice size yard so we can be outside while still staying safe at home. I really need to organize and find a different place to store my sewing materials. So that is one of my goals for this week.