Monday, April 13, 2020

Garden Update

Ahhh, the garden - it has been a bit of a saga for me over the years! I annually get hopeful and eager and then things heat up, the bugs come out in full force, the Spring calendar fills up with activities and the weeds take over. Basically you could put that whole last sentence on repeat and that has summed up my last decade of gardening.

Once upon a time, we had a successful garden. We bought an old picket fence at the Habitat ReStore and some mis-cast stones and set up our garden. It worked great and looked adorable. But like many things, time has had her way and the weeds just kept growing more and more, the mis-cast stones were breaking down, sinking and crumbling and the picket fence rotted, leaned, had parts falling off and more. Yes, our garden has been in a sorry state for a couple of years.

Thankfully, David took the initiative to get this cleaned up, refreshed and purposeful again! He pulled out {basically blew on it and it fell over!} the old fence which was harder for me than I thought it would be - it was sad! We laid down weed cover and he built raised beds and got the dirt to fill them!

We went out as a family one morning this past week and got our little garden planted - it was sweet, encouraging and as always, full of hope.

We have herbs, tomatoes, snap peas, lettuce, peppers and green beans - here is to another attempt at gardening! Looking forward to watching it grow!

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