Monday, February 24, 2020

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Making Good: "I bring glory to God when I'm doing what I was made to do and doing it well!" ~ Ned Bustard

On Reassembling the Beauty Around Us through Creativity: Andrew Peterson podcast

Writing for Christ's Glory by my dear friend Ann Swindell

Still listening to this Christmas song!

Books we are looking forward to:

The Declaration, the Sword and the Spy by Jenny L. Cote - we have read this entire series aloud together and our girls get to write an endorsement for this one! Can't wait for our advanced reader to arrive any day!

A Holy Pursuit by Dianne Jago - I met Dianne at the Deeply Rooted retreat several years ago and am excited for her book to come out in March!

Foundations by Troy and Ruth Simons - I'm eager to read this one aloud as a family when it comes out in just a couple of weeks!


We are excited about the return of When Calls the Heart! And it is a fun treat to be able to enjoy this with our neighbors across the street - we are planning to watch it together!

Survivor season 40: our kids are really into this and it is fun that my sister and her family as well as my mom watch it so we can chat about it together.

Just introduced our kids to Wheel of Fortune over lunch the other day and it was fun to see the same hosts and even to see a puzzle from the 90's where Vanna had to turn the letters around! Brought back a fun memory!

Reading - here's what we have bookmarks in right now:

The Daily Bible: a one-year chronological Bible - we only got about half way so we're making it a two year Bible!

The Unsaved Christian: author Dean Inserra spoke at our church last Sunday and we received a copy of the book at a conference I went to so we are reading this aloud together as a family considering how some around us may say they are a Christian because of tradition or family affiliation, but it is a conviction of the heart? Thought provoking read.

Old World Echoes: this goes with our Classical Conversations memory work - but we're reading ahead so that when our Max and Liz book comes we can jump right into that! This is a collection of fairy and folk tales, poems and classic stories from around the world.

Bridge to Belle Island by Julie Klassen: this one is on my nightstand as I love to read a bit of fiction before bed and I've enjoyed many of Julie's books!

When Calls the Heart series: I have really enjoyed revisiting the Janette Oke series that I had read several times before - I've read the first three books again and am waiting for the fourth from the library! The show is not true to the books for the most part, but the stories are sweet and simple - and remind me of my Mom reading the Love Comes Softly series to us when we were growing up!

Other things I'm enjoying:

Getting back into my vitamin routine.

Diffusing Thieves and trying out the Thieves Household Cleaner - love both of these!

Drinking lots of water every day - aiming for half of my body weight in ounces and noticing such a positive difference!

Well, this list has gotten long enough - what would your list look like?

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Lisa M. said...

As always, thanks for sharing your ideas. I bought Beauty Maker a while ago, but I have not had a chance to read through it. I plan to read it during Lent. I picked up Freedom of Simplicity at my church library. It's by Richard Foster. Have you read this?
I am aiming to have 10,000 or more steps per day. I am doing Naturally Slim, so I am hoping to lose some weight gained recently.
Have a blessed week!

Mom said...

Great list! I'm currently reading "The Gospel Comes With a House Key" by Rosaria Butterfield and the Maisie Dobbs series (currently on book 4: "Messenger of Truth"). I'm also enjoying Survivor - this 40th season with returning past winners is so fun! Good for you on the water and vitamins. I'm trying to drink more water, though I doubt I'll ever drink that much! And I'm trying to get more exercise (Walk with Leslie and Classical Stretch). Love your photos - the macarons are beautiful!