Thursday, January 02, 2020

Slow Day: Solstice

In the 2018 Cozy Issue of Bella Grace, I read about a couple who spent the winter solstice unplugged. And eagerly wrote it on my calendar to see how we could implement it here.

We started at lunch time and only used electricity to cook and for our Christmas lights! We spent the afternoon doing a puzzle, various activities going on around in the same room, went for a walk, and then cooking a shepherd's meal together by candlelight.

A shepherd's meal is something I read about in Sally Clarkson's Lifegiving Table book that they do on Christmas Eve. Eating a simple meal by candlelight and imagining the ordinary night of the shepherds that turned epic.

We had potato soup, sourdough bread, cheese, apples and sparkling cider. Then read verses mentioning the shepherds and the Great Shepherd! We sang a couple of Christmas carols in front of the fire - I'm so glad we set aside this time. I won't say it was all picture perfect, because it is hard to not use electricity when it is handy and accessible and children can get restless when there are out of the ordinary boundaries on our time, but overall it was a great afternoon/evening and I am thankful.

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Kimberly Lottman said...

In your little stash of books there is one towards the back that I can just make out says Christmas in big red letters. Is that a book or a magazine? Also, I should have opened with, this is just lovely! I had planned on this for the solstice as well, but then life . . . maybe next year! :)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Kimberly! Yes, some years we can do certain things and some years we do other things - must pick and choose between all the lovely activities of the season! The Christmas lettering is actually on the Samaritan's Purse gift catalog - I wanted each family member to look through it and choose their gift to give :) Happy New Year!

*carrie* said...

Such a nice idea. Love the pictures of the cozy scenes!