Monday, November 11, 2019


Also could be titled: a post in which I catch up on all the things! Life has been pretty busy lately and it feels like I'm always saying that and always trying to slow things down. To all the mamas who told me life would get faster paced and I chose not to believe them - I sincerely apologize and understand the truth and wisdom of your ways now!

Seriously, I thought we were busy when we had three children in three years, but oh no - that was not as busy as what I feel now that they are all either teens or almost a teen and babysitting, dancing, seeing friends, going to youth group, etc. And, oh yes, we have to eat and school and do laundry and clean the house.

It's just been one of those seasons and actually it isn't over but I'm just choosing to sit down and do a little catching up.

My brain is all over the place {see above} so this will probably be a post that matches the status of my inner brain right now. Hold on...the ride might get a little bumpy!

Things to share: Emily got her braces off, Samuel got his upper braces on, I went to Atlanta for a few days for a CC training and stayed up way too late but also enjoyed connecting with friends I don't get to see very often!

I recently read Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling and the Mystery of Making by Andrew Peterson and ohmygoodness - it was so so good. I've really enjoyed camping out in this phrase adorn the dark especially as considering how our creativity does bring light to the darkness around us in light of who Christ is in us. Anyway, great read - I highly recommend if you like this topic as I do.

In fact, one Sunday evening while the kids were watching something in the other room, I camped out at the dining room table and just processed and wrote about this phrase and idea of adorning the dark, I just love the visual picture of those words.

I may have more to share on this at some point as I look back at my journal and continue thinking about it - but for now, I just wanted you to know about this book.

Speaking of great books, another new-to-me book I'm really enjoying is Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey. This is a lovely book that looks like an heirloom filled with liturgies and prayers for many everyday occasions such as the first fire of the season, hosting a purposeful gathering, a liturgy for the student and scholar and even for the doing of laundry. It is very refreshing to consider the holy work of these ordinary moments and I've enjoyed sharing several of the entries with friends at moments where they were walking through the same situations.

Oh, and back to Andrew Peterson - this is my new favorite song right now: Is He Worthy?

Next - I've been trying since last Christmas to figure out how to watch Hallmark Christmas movies without a cable provider. I've looked into every option mentioned and so far am still looking. We tried the Hallmark Now channel on Amazon {thank you free 7 day trial} and watched the entire season of When Hope Calls on Emily's birthday - it was so fun! I don't feel it is worth paying for but it was great for my favorite price of free and such a fun treat to do on Emily's birthday.

We are still working our way through season 6 of When Calls the Heart, I'm sort of piecing together free media credits {from choosing slower shipping on Amazon} and what is available at the library. But it is something we are enjoying!

Next random thing - we are looking forward to being home this year for the holidays. I'm excited to be at home and use our Christmas things and put up a tree for the first time in several years, I can't remember exactly!

Meanwhile, my girls really want to make fudge this year and I've tried {and failed} at least twice. Please send your tried and true fudge recipes and/or any tips! We are at sea level if that makes any difference and it is humid here - could that be making a difference? I hear people say fudge is so easy and that you can't mess it up. Well, I guess you can! Ha!

I'll probably think of ten things as soon as I close this post, but I think that is probably enough rambling for now - what miscy things are on your mind/plate these days? What are you enjoying?

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Leanne said...

I so missed your posts! I've been reading your blog for nearly 14 years! Isn't that crazy! I agree with the whole preteen/teen level of busy...and then in the middle of that our middle son started having some really difficult issues...So, now I am taking on homeschooling him. I left my school job, but cannot believe how much that has helped me to shift my focus on just taking care of my husband and kiddos in whatever way God needs to me to. I have been focusing a lot on "surrender"... of my will, my plans, my parenting, my marriage... In the middle of that I am also doing a 4 day ministry training this month and trying to keep all the plates carefully spinning while I'm gone... I am longing for the season of Advent :-) Finally, I LOVE Is He Worthy?... I also love "King of my Heart" at the present time!
So good to "hear" from you, again, friend!!

E said...

What a beautiful post, Monica! I've never really thought about the beauty of the dark before. So fun that your family enjoyed When Hope husband and I did the same thing with the 7 day trial. We did the same thing with Hallmark Now except we did the trial directly through the Hallmark website. :-) And Andrew Peterson's He Is Worthy...a more recent favorite here, too! ~Eunice

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

i have missed your posts, but definitely understand "busy" in this season of your life. i've been there. I really enjoyed this post and am interested in the books you mentioned. Thank you for sharing. This might seem like a "cheater" fudge, but it is one that has worked for me every time. The traditional fudge recipe is a hit and miss and my grandma always said it depended on the humidity if it (or divinity) was a success. Sometimes I substitute other extracts for different flavored fudge. Orange essential oil or raspberry or mint extracts.

Anonymous said...

I am not a chef or cook. My patience level is zero. But I actually made Rachel Rays Five Minute Fudge Recipe (wreath) and it was a lot of fun and I gave away to neighbors.I tweaked it cause I'm no a butterscotch fan, and used candy spearment leaves and M+M's for decoration. I found it on Food Network. Good luck ��

Leanne said...

I have one more comment :-) could you do a post one of these days on blogs that inspire you... either spiritually or with homemaking...? I would love to see other women in the blog world with some of the same "feel" your blog has :-)

*carrie* said...


The darkness book sounds intriguing. I'm interesting in borrowing it once you've had a chance to work back through it.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Ohhh, I'm loving the suggestion that Leanne - shared. YES!!! That would be so "fun" to see who and what inspires you - out there in blogland...especially, as I've been feeling like "starting back up" again.

Just a seconded motion!!