Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Beauty Maker Notebook

Today, I have another fun thing to tell you about! As part of Beauty Maker, I wanted to put together a free notebook that included all of the hand-drawn journal pages from the book, all of the projects {plus one bonus project!}, seasonal Bible studies to encourage beauty in your home and more!

This is a 78 page notebook and it is in full-color so I'd suggest getting a quote on printing it before you send it in as it might be pricey to have it printed and bound as mine is shown. You could also just open it on your device and enjoy doing it that way! Or maybe you will choose certain pages to print instead.

The notebook is a great option for those who don't like to write in their books - not all the written portions are included but some of them are! It also includes bonus material that is not in the printed book.

However you choose to use it, I hope it is a source of inspiration and beauty to be used in your life!

To get your free notebook - go here!

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