Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Neighbor Ice Cream Social

Inviting neighbors over is always something I want to be brave enough to do! My sister has beautifully inspired me over the years by hosting her neighbors on her porch each summer for ice cream. Last year, I felt almost convicted to reach out and then over-thought it and never followed through so I knew it was something I wanted to make an effort to do this summer.

Rachel and I made these adorable invitations (template here) and delivered them to a portion of our neighborhood - there are too many houses for us to invite everyone at once but there is a nice section closest to us that felt manageable.

During the hottest part of the day one afternoon, Rachel and I gathered the cute invites into a basket and headed out to stick these on our neighbors doors.

I found myself feeling so thankful that she was with me and we were in it together! I mean, just having the company and she marched right up to each door, while Scout and I followed, and used cute washi tape to pin these to the door. One elderly neighbor was sitting in his garage and I hung back a bit because of not wanting to stir up their dogs with ours, I heard him read the invite aloud and then Rachel's sweet voice saying she looked forward to seeing him there. How that sweetness challenges me and encourages me!

Of course you know I just can't help it - I have to do it up cute! I ordered these bowls and spoons on Amazon.

A few fun photos of our set up! We had a few neighbors come and it was a nice and relaxing evening! Have you ever hosted your neighbors for anything? Tell me about it!

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*carrie* said...

It looks great, Monica! The invites, the bowls, everything is so cute! Even better is your thoughtfulness, and following through on the idea!

Jill said...

Oh how delightful! What a wonderful way to enjoy the company of your neighbors and to cool off in the summertime. Turned out so adorable! :-) Have a great weekend!